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I had to resize this twice cuz the original was too big :honoka4:

Don't worry I question the things I make as well

Also before you ask where Dia and Mari are, they're doing mayor duties :rin3:

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  • aritzky -

    I love the Kanan

  • Drewko -

    Yohane: “Are you, uh, a real demons?”
    Rubbie: “Well, uh, technically... nah.”
    Yohane: “Have you ever caught a good girl, like, uh, like Kanan?”
    Rubbie: “Nah.”
    Yohane: “Have you ever tried a gothic loli costume?”
    Rubbie: “Nah, nah...”
    Yohane: “Alright! I can see that I will have to teach you how to be demons!”


  • Hime -