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  • The WW/EN SIF Updates Thread

    Rubybyn - - General


    These songs come with the Lunar New Year Campaign. There are 3 songs on Aqours B-Side too! It was pretty hidden but Wonderful Stories has come up alongside the current event (Although It should be playable after the event).

  • The predictor is working fine for me. I've taken a look 1 hour ago and just now. Right now it's: Ranking: T1: 196k (overpredicting) T2: 97k (overpredicting) T3: 47k (overpredicting) Score: T1: 951k (on track) T2: 833k (on track) T3: 758k (on track)

  • SIF Scouts Thread!

    Rubybyn - - General


    I opened the 2nd years µ's box 3 times too. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) I could idolize 3 URs since Christmas (cheer Riko, Christmas Maru and Christmas You). Usually, It takes me twice for only 1 UR. Now, I have 1 SS seal (2 after the event), 16 S seals (20 after the event) and 254 seals. Will the next one be idol outfit Honoka with S seals? EDIT: The Printemps box today give Birthstone Honoka SSR for sure so why not? After 3 ST, she has come home o/ (Hidden Content)

  • I got the same secret spot as my previous post but with a 3x event points bonus (5k event points in a row o/). (Hidden Content) Don't complain when you're totally safe in T1! lol Yet 6 days to get a boost and bring my high score to T1 as well x) EDIT: Got Kin Mirai Happy End with skill boost o/ I'm now safe for T1 as well with 966k points \o T1 cutoff for event point ranking are pretty high, meanwhile I see people in my friend list rank up by tens with these 10x EXP songs and some other probably…

  • Quote from Kane: “That's only 1.5x. It can go up to 3x Same for event points, and LP can go down to 50%. ” Eeeeh?! I could get 64% for LP reduction at best but never more than 2x for souvenirs/points bonus. I just felt blessed with these 3 bonus in a row x) Well, there is a little more 7 days left to get something good. Quote from Phil: “I was too embarrassed to play my anime girl phone games while a bunch of manly men tore manly holes in my walls. ” Especially... NYANYANYA if you... DAREKA TASU…

  • Dat secret spot which gave me ~290 souvenirs for each type (Hidden Content)

  • Finally! The rebirth of YoMaru Rally o/ I'll go for 2 Maru and backgrounds at least (~5k souvenirs of each type). Maybe for tickets if I don't get lazy (~8k souvenirs).

  • Exteminator just gained 300k extra event points! It should be 315198. EDIT: Thanks.

  • Event: Miyuko | #269 | 412486 Rubybyn | #452 | 325037 Kane | #509 | 311147 Phil | #3117 | 187454 a-chan | #8597 | 109537 Song: Kane | #336 | 895398 Rubybyn | #941 | 831387 a-chan | #3170 | 729795 Phil | #7553 | 668816 Miyuko | #11555 | 640415

  • That event x) I grow up by 19 ranks. I earned ~60 love gems, ~70k FP, ~10M Gs (and ~10M Gs again through SIS), ~50 R cards (=seal), ~170 seals, ~10 skill up SRs and ~30 skill up Rs. I could SSS Korekara no Someday in addition of all songs above. I'm not against taking 1 week of rest until the next event x)

  • I just leveled up to rank 255 and emptied my LP bar and burn tokens. I'm already at 3721 exp point x) For now I've SSS Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare, Genki Zenkai Day Day Day, Binetsu kara Mystery and Cheer Day Cheer Girl! By the end of the event, I should SSS Cheer Day Cheer Girl RANDOM, After School Navigators and Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo. I didn't spend any love gem yet. Just dunno how T1 will go. As a bloodbath, this event is (too?) calm (well, I'm currently 974th with 131k pts). The cutoff p…

  • The first reason is because It doesn't take current exp and LP into account (no, I don't need to spend 2 love gems in order to get 212832 event points) and I can't choose when spend my love gems (Why whould I spend love gems before rank up to rank 248?). Now, I've got a second reason: It seems broken. This calculator always append an unnecessary event live and give a wrong result. (Hidden Content)

  • I finally checked my spreadsheet calculator and... the result here was right. Well, It's a total pain in the ass to read spreadsheet, thus I preferred check by writing an another calculator with Python and just compare both results x) Here a more accuracy for my case: initial parameters: rank: 247 with 3293 exp LP bar: 145 Spent love gems: 0 Results: event points: 212832 (I always suppose combo A) LP to spend: 4745 (3 left) Live to play: 949 (237x4 + 1) Event live to play: 341 (85x4 + 1) exp to …

  • The notice say reduced LP songs will be eligible and rewards table will be adapted "different than give me a happy ending".

  • Wait and see. I don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed though~~

  • lol, suddenly want to die I had to make some modifications on my spreadsheet calculator. Well, results are just crazy, I have to reread the whole thing x) Here is the result if I start the event at rank 246, 0 exp and full LP bar (148LP). 918 lives to play (okay, It doesn't take into account LPs lost during first and last hours because I'm at work). 330 event lives to play. 103584 exp to gain. 12 ranks to gain. 205956 event points to gain (I suppose I'll get A combo). 4590 LP to spend (2390LP + …

  • Since I got all rewards, I consider my rank as definitive. Event: Rubybyn | #2512 | 100599 Song: Rubybyn | #786 | 1023466

  • Quote from a-chan: “You gotta be kiddin me in all this time I wasn't able to FC Beat in Angel EX and now, right in this chafes, I suddenly manage to?? Damn! ” It recalls me with Strawberry Trappers. Practically 1 year later I never could FC it again x) And more I play it, more I screw up the whole song. My fingers just learnt by themselves how to play wrong this song. EDIT: I wonder if the next event will be 2nd Rally. According to the login bonus, It seems the next event will last 11 days too.

  • Lol, finally. GG! Well, skills make the score pretty random. I could FC but got only 950k for Glass no Hanazono. Since the high score above I never got this song again x) I choose to put my tri-color URs together, then my 3 teams are around only 64k.

  • SIF Scouts Thread!

    Rubybyn - - General


    @Nyan-chan You give me a new UR dream. This Pana is so gorgeous