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  • Washi Washi Suru Yan~! | Nozomi Thread

    himatri - - µ's


    keeping this thread alive for the ravu of my raivu heheheheh always has and always will be my best girl. i picked her as my starter after i believe 20 minutes of picking between 18 different amazing girls. i remember the joy i felt when i first idolized her, it was as if the sun had blessed me by dropping a golden ray of sunshine directly onto my heart also our birthdays are about 32 days apart so that's pretty NEAT (Hidden Content)

  • i think i'm the only one who likes both idolized as for unidolized: what the heck are their outfits?? they don't look that bad but,, what's the theme,,,,, i get their fairies in idolized but,,,,,,, what,,,,,,,,,,