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  1. OTK Forum Rules

    Hi everyone!

    Here at OTK we've always had a strong sense of community, and to keep this place nice and friendly, we ask all of our users to abide by the forum rules.


    1. Be polite and respect fellow users. We will not tolerate any sort of bullying, flaming, discrimination, threats, hacking, invasion of privacy or any other behavior that violates another user's human rights. We're all equal here at OTK, both regular users and staff members.

    2. No NSFW content , including those of sexual, violent or otherwise obscene nature. We draw the line at what's acceptable in the LoveLive! franchise; there is nothing obscene about swimsuits, for instance, unless they're depicted in a suggestive manner. Likewise, a little swear word here and there is fine, unless it's used to insult another user.

    3. No illegal content, such as links to music or anime downloads, or any other action here on OTK that violates the law.

    4. No spam. We are a lot less strict than most forums; your posts do not have to be a specific length but please keep them on-topic and make sure you do contribute something to the thread. We will take away your OTG if you're caught spamming just for them. Use PMs for chat-like conversations with other users. This does not apply to the Community Games section. Do not pointlessly double post or bump threads; use the edit function instead.

    5. No advertising. You may include a link to your website etc. in your forum signature, your profile and if it's appropriate in specific threads. For instance, of course you can link to your art blog in the Creative Corner or post links to game guides or blogs if it helps answer someone's question. You may not leave random links in posts or PMs for the sole purpose of advertising a website, a product, etc.

    6. No drama. Keep personal conflicts with other OTK users away from the forums; the other users have nothing to do with it. Do not add fuel to the fire if you see a rule violation; report it to one of the staff members and don't draw more attention to it. Do not make threads with the sole intention of creating drama; you may always ask the community for support, but don't be childish by causing a scene threatening to leave the forums or anything along those lines.

    7. No Mini-modding. If you see any rule violation or something that should be checked by the staff then report it and don't start a discussion in these threads about it. This will be considered as spam.

    8. Posting fanwork you did not create yourself without credit is strictly prohibited.

    9. Signature Size. Please watch the size of your signature, I dont wanna limit it in general so follow these conditions here:
    - at max. 2 pictures with an appropriate size
    - you can use a spoiler at the signature too
    - Text shouldnt be more than 3 lines

    10. Registering and using multiple accounts is now not allowed anymore. Suspicious accounts will be banned if there is no plausible explanation (e.g. multiple people use the same device to access the forum). The user of the second accounts will be warned also.
    If you wanna create a new account and dont wanna use your old anymore tell the staff beforehand.

    In case of rule violations

    Due to the severity of rule violations changing with each individual, we also reserve the 'right' to handle each case individually. For example, repeatedly posting hate speech and harrassing members will certainly result in a ban, whereas a single spammy post probably won't need any more than a little warning.

    As such, if you break a rule, the staff will decide whether to warn you, mute you, temporarily ban you or, if all else fails, permanently ban you.


    There are no excuses for breaking the rules. "I didn't know", "my little sister did it", "I was in a bad mood" -- you're still responsible for what you do and who has access to your account. Be mature and take responsibility for your mistake. Coming up with excuses will make things worse for you.
    As mentioned above, in regards to the rules, regular users and staff members are absolutely equal. If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power and/or treating you unfairly, do not hesitate to contact another mod/admin about it. We highly value this community and do not wish to have bullies on the team.

    Thank you all for reading this far. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us or post at the thread for the rules.

(Last update: Feb 23rd 2017, 8:11am)