What's your ranking for Aqours' singing voices?

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    • What's your ranking for Aqours' singing voices?

      Well here is my ranking:

      1.Yohane-She is by far the best singer listen to strawberry trapper she slayed that song OMG!!!

      2.Hanamaru-A deep voice with a shy tone but can go to a very powerful voice also is very skilled and contoled

      3.Mari-That line where she went into deep voice in strawberry trapper stoled my heart :love: Her voice is high pitch but has great tone, skill, control and engery.

      4.Riko-She is her because she slayed guilty night guilty kiss also she seems to be one of the most skilled singers

      5.Chika-A beautiful voice with a great vibrator and control she sound really adorable in slow songs

      6.You-Her voice is really good kinda sounds like Rin with Maki's vibrator A very powerful and energetic voice

      7.Kanan-like nozomi her voice is high pitched but unlike nozomi she has control and skill

      8.Dia-Her voice is good but might not be the most skilled though it has a great tone and control

      9.Ruby-She kinda sounds like five but sounds better in slow songs

      Though all of them have beautiful voices.
      <3 Nozomi is Love :saint: Yohane is Life <3

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    • oh my, I love all of them tbh. But let's try sorting.
      1. Definitely Zuramaru. King's singing voice is such a bless. Especially in the new insert song, her solo makes me smile everytime.

      2. Yoshiko. My best girl, and her singing voice is amazing, no matter if high or low.

      3. Riko has a beautiful clear voice.

      4. Chika. Chika sounds amazing! Not too squeaky and a really awesome vibrato.

      5. Mari, she sounds pretty unique and nice, especially in strawberry trapper.

      6. You. Although I dont like the way her voice often tends to get a bit... oh how to explain it. You know her chorus solo in KoiAquarium? She sounds kinda strained. The voice by itself is really good though.

      7. Dia, nothing to say here, really good singing voice.

      8. Kanan. Havent heard much of her yet, except for that she sounds a unsettling lot like Nozomi when singing, which kind of scared me away at first, but she has way better voice control and actually sounds good.

      9 Ruby is just... too squeaky for me. Not as bad as Hanayo, but she often doesnt seem to fit in songs like Yozora. Like her solos in the new insert song and KoiAquarium though.

      I love all of them omg!! In opposite to Muse where I dislike a lot of singing voices, they all sound so great.

    • 1. Yohane - Because she can make her voice high and low and both of them sound amazing *0*

      2. Hanamaru - I still get chills hearing Hanamaru sing dat "Tokimeki~" at the end of Tokimeki Bunruigaku

      3. Dia - Low voices ftw

      4. Riko - Like Yoki said, her voice is really nice and clear

      5. You - Sounds a bit nasally like Maki's singing voice, but it's still pretty good

      6. Chika - Not a big fan of her high voice, but still, it's pretty good

      7. Kanan - Also sounds nasally like You and Maki, but her voice is also pretty high pitched, so it's ranked a lil lower than You

      8. Ruby - Really high pitched. tbh I'm not a big fan of really high pitched voices

      9. Mari - her voice is probably the highest and squeakiest voice out of Aqours tbh. Maybe if she sang a bit lower (like in Strawberry Trapper) it would sound more nice :maki1:

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    • 1. Yohane - Her low voice in Strawberry Trapper <3 Her high voice sounds amazing too. She really is a fallen angel.

      2. Hanamaru - Surprisingly deep, but still amazing. Her bit in episode 6's insert song was beautiful.

      3. Mari - Super unique, sounds amazing in Aqours Heroes + Mattete Ai no Uta

      4. Chika - Her voice isn't as squeaky as I thought it would be! Her Yozora solo was so good!

      5. Dia - I expected it to be deeper, like Umi. It isn't, though, but it still sounds great!

      6. Riko - Same as Dia, tbh.

      7. Kanan - It sounds super high compared to her talking voice. It's still pretty, though. Her bits in Tokimeki Bunruigaku were nice.

      8. You - It's just... Eh. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

      9. Ruby - Just too squeaky, but I don't hate it! I don't hate any of their voices.
    • 1. Hanamaru - It sounds deep and smooth
      2. Riko - Clear and mature sound
      3. Yohanne - Deeper than I expected, in a good way. I was impressed by Strawberry Trapper.
      4. Dia - Another smooth singing voice
      5. Chika - Upbeat and cheerful, fits her songs. I enjoyed her singing in Genki Zenkai.
      6. Ruby - Does sound childish at times, but fits the more innocent, pure songs.
      7. You
      8. Kanan
      9. Mari

      The last three I like about the same. They are still good.

      P.S. Thanks Yoki, I only had specific songs in mind.

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    • Snowclip_Justin wrote:

      1. Hanamaru - It sounds deep and smooth
      2. Riko - Clear and mature sound
      3. Yohanne - Deeper than I expected, in a good way. I was impressed by Strawberry Trapper.
      4. Dia - Another smooth singing voice
      5. Chika - Upbeat and cheerful, fits her songs
      6. Ruby - Does sound childish at times, but fits the more innocent, pure songs.
      7. You
      8. Kanan
      9. Mari

      The last three I like about the same. They are still good.
      > Yozora wa nandemo shitteru no :p

    • For singing voices, I'll have to say this:

      1. Aikyan as Yoshiko/Yohane - Even if she's doing her high, squeaky Yoshiko voice, she makes it sound incredible.
      2. King as Hanamaru - Her powerful, lower voice comes to show that Hanamaru is becoming more confident. I love it.
      3. Rikyako as Riko - It's wonderful, gentle, smooth and beautiful, but can be upbeat too like in Kimeta yo Hand in Hand! It's great!
      4. Arisha as Dia - It's beautiful, but slightly inconsisent. However, I love that she can match any song's needs, kind of like Mimorin.
      5. Anchan as Chika - As Chika, she's awesome! But especially that lower, softer part in Yozora wa, it was absolutely gorgeous! Immediately put her in top five.
      6. Ainya as Mari - She has a really distinctive voice that makes it difficult to sing in a group, but she pulls it off!
      7. Shukashuu as You - Like Ainya, has a really distinctive voice, but she also makes it work!
      8. Suwawa as Kanan - It's a little nasally to me, but it's very controlled and pleasant.
      9. Furirin as Ruby - A bit shaky, but cute!

    • GOD. WHY. I'll just rate mine.

      • Chika: Beautiful and sweet in pitch. Energetic, but can be calm. A plus, 10/10.
      • Riko: Gentle, but can be energetic as shown in Daydream Warrior. Gorgeous. A plus, 10/10.
      • You: Pure yet powerful. Absolutely amazing control and just darn cute. A plus, yousoro/yousoro
      • Ruby: Cute, subdued, sweet and good at harmony. She's always gonna do her rubesty. A plus, 10/10
      • Hanamaru: Shy and deep with incredible control. Can be cutesy and fun but also subdued and gentle. A plus, 10/10.
      • Yoshiko: Has a vocal range that's absolutely amazing, with a smooth and silky tone quality. A plus, 10/10
      • Mari: Meme master, squeaky yet controlled. Has bursts of deep and powerful sounds that are surprising in the best of ways, just like her character. A plus, 420/420.
      • Kanan: Nasally and traditional, soothing and pleasing to the ears. A plus, 10/10.
      • Dia: A voice filled with power waiting to rupture the seams and flow through to the core of all eardrums. A plus, 10/10.
      Thanks for your time. Bye.

    • Ok, now I want to try to rank the voices
      1) Yohane. Yeah, she's really mature and I really love her. I don't know why, but I don't listen really much to her voice when aqours sing together, and really it's a pity. I really want to discover her lots of faces! Well, Tsushima is perfect for J-rock/metal, and I really like the seiyuu's voice, who is Yoshiko's, but I think that the most talented seiyuus are ones that can change so well their voice, like Ukida Aya
      2) You. I think her voice is a bit amature, but really moves my heart because I think she's pure heart and I really want to see her in solos, possibly not like genki zenkai dai dai dai... but, on the contrary, something like nawatobi. In yozora wa nandemo shitteru no, I think You is a bit undervaluted
      3) dia. She has a very mature voice and she's elegant, but I expect more... will see in her solos!
      4) Chika. Ok, some people say she has a childish voice, and it's the truth, but my feelings are like You's ones, but... someone talked about vibrato... I think she doesn't actually do vibrato, but ok... Sometimes, I think she's a bit scared, singing... not shy like embarrassed, but... I don't know
      5) Hanamaru. I don't like her voice, because I think she seems really an adult... but ok, nothing so special...
      6) Riko. I don't know why Riko seems a bit shy. Maybe it's the character... and I really want to discover more about her. For shy, I intended that she doesn't put her attention on her voice, loke Chika... or You
      7) Mari. I don't like her voice... too high-pitched and sometimes she makes me angry, but I think she's very determinate... but I don't like her voice because it's so squeeky
      8) Ruby. Ok, now I placed she in the 8th place not because I don't like her, but now we're talking about talent... and yeah, she sounds like she's a nursery student... singing "daddy finger where are you"
      9) Kanan. I absolutely don't like her voice. Ok, some of you aren't agree, but I don't want to offend no one. Maybe the seiyuu is very good at acting, but... I think she's blocked, I think Kanan sing just for singing, and she doesn't express emotions

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    • 1. Yoshiko. That deep Yohane voice tho. Mmmm.
      2. You. There's something to her voice... like a raspy??? kind of quality I love.
      3. Chika. That second verse of hers in Yozora.... oh god. Pls Chika.
      4. Hanamaru. I don't particularly like her character but her singing is great.
      5. Mari. Same as You.
      6. Riko. Same as Hanamaru.
      7. Dia. Maybe I haven't heard enough of her. She's very good but? Nothing special about her voice really.
      8. Kanan. Same as Dia.
      10999922827727227. Ruby. No. Why. I hate her voice. I love Ruby, she's so cute, but her childish voice ruins all my fave Cyaron songs. No. NOOOO

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