What's your ranking for Aqours' singing voices?

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    • nanocci wrote:

      1. Hanamaru. Heavenly voice, absolutely perfect. I melt everytime when she sings ;w;
      2. Yohane. Mostly because of Strawberry Trapper.
      3. Riko. Simply beautiful voice.

      And the rest:
      4. Mari.
      5. Chika.
      6. Kanan.
      7. Dia.
      8. Ruby.
      9. You. I can't stand her voice. ^^°
      Gonna update this.

      1. Hanamaru
      2. Mari
      3. Chika
      4. Yoshiko
      5. Riko
      6. Kanan
      7. Dia
      8. Ruby
      9. You
    • jadzomi100 wrote:

      Well here is my ranking:

      1.Yohane-She is by far the best singer listen to strawberry trapper she slayed that song OMG!!!

      2.Hanamaru-A deep voice with a shy tone but can go to a very powerful voice also is very skilled and contoled

      3.Mari-That line where she went into deep voice in strawberry trapper stoled my heart :love: Her voice is high pitch but has great tone, skill, control and engery.

      4.Riko-She is her because she slayed guilty night guilty kiss also she seems to be one of the most skilled singers

      5.Chika-A beautiful voice with a great vibrator and control she sound really adorable in slow songs

      6.You-Her voice is really good kinda sounds like Rin with Maki's vibrator A very powerful and energetic voice

      7.Kanan-like nozomi her voice is high pitched but unlike nozomi she has control and skill

      8.Dia-Her voice is good but might not be the most skilled though it has a great tone and control

      9.Ruby-She kinda sounds like five but sounds better in slow songs

      Though all of them have beautiful voices.
      <3 Nozomi is Love :saint: Yohane is Life <3
    • 1- Yohane. Her voice is just so good. I can listen to her all day. I still feel the blown away sensation every time I hear her in Strawberry Trapper.
      2- Dia. After the First Live, I just fell in love with Arisha's voice for some reason. Her tone is just so beautiful and fitting for the character.
      3- Riko. I just dislike how she sounds in some songs, but overall she have an amazing voice.
      4- Hanamaru. A sweet and gentle voice that I crave sometimes, but at the same time versatile and powerful at times.
      5- Chika. Her voice is pretty, just not my cup of tea.
      6- Kanan. I disliked her voice at first, but she seems to be winning my heart in the most recent songs.
      7- You. I don't really know why. Maybe I don't dislike it as much?
      8- Mari. I really got annoyed at first with her voice, but its not bad? I think. I'm starting to like it in the new songs, so she might climb up in my rank.
      9 - Ruby. She sounds a bit too forced most of the time for me. Her pitch really makes me uncomfortable (that coming from someone that really likes high-pitched voices like Nico's and Kotori's), maybe because it just sound too young? However, she seems to be getting more control in newer songs, so I expect a great evolution from her in the future.
    • It's been about a year since I posted this:

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      Hime wrote:

      GOD. WHY. I'll just rate mine.

      • Chika: Beautiful and sweet in pitch. Energetic, but can be calm. A plus, 10/10.
      • Riko: Gentle, but can be energetic as shown in Daydream Warrior. Gorgeous. A plus, 10/10.
      • You: Pure yet powerful. Absolutely amazing control and just darn cute. A plus, yousoro/yousoro
      • Ruby: Cute, subdued, sweet and good at harmony. She's always gonna do her rubesty. A plus, 10/10
      • Hanamaru: Shy and deep with incredible control. Can be cutesy and fun but also subdued and gentle. A plus, 10/10.
      • Yoshiko: Has a vocal range that's absolutely amazing, with a smooth and silky tone quality. A plus, 10/10
      • Mari: Meme master, squeaky yet controlled. Has bursts of deep and powerful sounds that are surprising in the best of ways, just like her character. A plus, 420/420.
      • Kanan: Nasally and traditional, soothing and pleasing to the ears. A plus, 10/10.
      • Dia: A voice filled with power waiting to rupture the seams and flow through to the core of all eardrums. A plus, 10/10.
      Thanks for your time. Bye.

      So I figured I'd go more in depth for my top three, since I love all their voices but I kinda do have favorites. Will go in depth with others when I have time.

      1. Ainya as Mari - She has an incredibly unique voice that's so amazing with great control. Her voice in GK songs = MMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD SHIT. Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken was great too! Also, she's been great since the beginning, unlike a lot of the girls who have really had to improve because their training wasn't all that extensive (Shukashuu, AiAi, and Arisha to name a few). She had a looooot of training in singing (especially folk singing) before LoveLive, hence her amazing solo in Sunshine Pikkapika Ondo. At first, her speaking voice was just so odd to me. That's why she was my first worst girl. But now she's tied with Chika for second and god is she good. Her voice is really interesting to me now and even though it's squeaky like Nico's in a way, it's controlled and trained, and she sings from her diaphragm unlike Maki, who sings from her throat. I'd say her voice is my favorite.
      2. King as Hanamaru - She can do so much with her voice. She can make it lighthearted and cute, soft and subdued, or dark and powerful, all with amazing energy. My first best girl was Hanamaru because of her voice and personality, but her voice REALLY contributed to me liking her personality because it fit her personality so much. She seems plain on the outside, just like her voice seems at face value, but then when you get to know her personality and voice, BAM! Strikes you right in the face with its incredible power and control. She's also good at singing from her diaphragm, which generally makes you sound better (part of why Nozomi, Maki and Kotori's singing voices kinda rub me the wrong way at times, it just sounds like they have respiratory infections sometimes...aha).
      3. Anchan as Chika - Her voice is incredibly sweet and lighthearted, however she can really do some powerful stuff with it. She can go low, like in Kimi no Hitomi o Meguru Bouken, while still staying very in character. She can yell with great control (Thrilling One-Way), and she can also do soft and gentle (Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no). I could honestly go on with this for a very long time, but I don't have a lot of time, I'm about to switch classes ehe.