What is an Aqours ship you refuse to ship?

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    • Kyumari wrote:

      I guess I'm in the minority for shipping RubyDia then. I've been through a lot of incest shippings so i'm used to it...
      dont you know how abusive incest is? It can lead to broken families. I don't really want to get into this here but I'm a victim of incest myself. I'm so lucky to be where I am today. But no one ever believed me. Everyone called me a liar, my dad never would have done anything, nor would my "innocent" younger cousin. Honestly we need to come to just appreciate the beauty of family ties without bringing up incest.

    • ChikaRiko:At first I really liked it but as the anime went on we almost got a ChikaRiko scene in every episode also it literally killed ChikaYou and started to become very bland and is it just me or are Chika and Riko obsessed with each other not mention Mari observed this as she thought it was Chika and Riko but it was Chika and You who created Aqours something else I found out was that ChaRiko was the center for Aqours first single which is find was weird.I really started feeling bad for You I mean You is so great and Chika doesn't deserve her at all and yet takes her for granted which really made dislike Chika so I really feel uncomfortable shipping it because of You's situation.

      YohaRiko:The only person I can see Yohane with is Hanamaru and this ship really doesn't make sense they rarely talk in the anime also I don't think they would have much chemistry together and comes of as really forced but it is really cute.
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    • Hanabiramochi wrote:

      Just stop shipping guys, it is no use!
      The reason a lot of us "ship" is to fantasize about an ideal relationship we'd like to be in, and it's a great escape for people (especially closeted lesbians in the case of LL!) to be themselves and be creative! It's just a way to enjoy the series more, we don't "expect" anything to actually be canon.

    • Hobo-ka wrote:

      Hanabiramochi wrote:

      Just stop shipping guys, it is no use!
      The reason a lot of us "ship" is to fantasize about an ideal relationship we'd like to be in, and it's a great escape for people (especially closeted lesbians in the case of LL!) to be themselves and be creative! It's just a way to enjoy the series more, we don't "expect" anything to actually be canon.
      This honestly, plus in things like in general in anime lesbians (& LGBTQ+) are horribly underrepresented, so when anime gives up something that makes us imagine/fantasize about their relationships being something we can relate to, can you blame us for going for it & wanting to dream?

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    • Basically all ships which meant to be some in a romantic manner xD

      And also ChikaYou as beswt friends. I lately discovered You is my best girl and i just think she deserves a lot better than Chika. I dont like how she treats You and their relationship at the anime. Well that means that i also don't like ChikaRiko for the same reason xD
    • Rizu wrote:

      Anything that gets in the way of my beloved YohaMaru. :hanamaru1: :yoshiko2:

      I don't care enough to get angry over ships I don't like though...it's so much more fun to concentrate on the duos I do like. :D
      YohaMaru is my favourite ship after the third years OT3!

      They're so sweeeeeet

      *karate chops* yameru zura

      The way Yohane just listens to whatever zuramaru says :hanamaru2:

      There aren't many ships I don't like mainly the mainstream second year ship and I don't even think about the ships I don't like as I'm waaaay to engrossed with the ships I love *cough* KanaMari

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    • let people ship what they want

      I'll take this opportunity to day I ship DiaRuby, but not necessarily romantically. I just like their relationship with each other and think they work well together.

      Anyways, back to the topic at hand~

      I find it difficult to ship ChikaRiko/ChikaYou by themselves without there being Riko/You added in, for a sort of poly 2nd year ship. I know Riko and You had a pretty awkard/rough patch in the anime, but I do think they could compliment each other well.

      After the anime, I'm... really iffy about KananMari. Their lack of communication about their feelings and inability to read each other don't make me think of them as a good ship pair. Added to that is Mari's habit to, er, lovingly grasp people in uncomfortable ways, and I just... yeah. Not a huge fan. I can still see them as good friends, but that's about it. The stories in the game might make me reconsider their relationship, but for now I'm labeling them as "not for me".

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    • I kinda agree with @Ayu in that officialy there's no real romantic ships - they are all just friends, in some moments extremely close but still... :umi2:

      But outside of that - I refuse to ship NicoMaki, because i'm a filthy believer of RinMaki and these two can't work together.
      Also, i'm not a fan of ChikaRiko, mostly because of cringeworthy fans of this ship that i saw on youtube.
    • I think people should really understand that shipping fictional characters is okay as long as it won't come into shipping wars and is kept otherwise separated form reality. I don't condemn any shipping even if it is incest or pedophile shipping as long as it is fiction and preferably non-canon (I don't really enjoy such shippings though and may find them disturbing and disgusting, but if someone does like them it's perfectly ok)

      Sure it must be difficult to accept for person who is victim of said abuse in real-life but fiction must be kept separated from real life. It is of course polite not to tell one's abusive or otherwise disturbing fantasies to people who might find them offensive. But then again no one has right to decide about others imagination even if one feels that it is disturbing. Of course I do condemn all sort of sexual abuse in real life just as I condemn violence(while I still like some violent action movies), so I really hope my point is not lost there...

      Personally I like shipping girls with girls or guys if there is a slight reason to think that there may be something there.(cannot ship guys with guys though) LL gives several hints that pairs such as ElixNozo, NicoxMaki, KananxMari, ChikaxYou, ChikaxRiko, MaruxYoshiko might be canon or at least could be. What I cannot really ship is a random pair without any connection, but for example with a short story that tells how characters get to know each other better any shipping could work really- sometimes it's fun to try thinking what sort of situation could bring those two characters together and would any romantic, sexual etc. relationship work between them or not.

      Such thought-experiments should be allowed to all fans without stupid shipping wars or moralistic arguments about something being wrong, in fiction it is alright to write or draw characters doing things that are not allowed or even possible in real life.

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