What is an Aqours ship you refuse to ship?

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      ChikaRiko, honestly, I really really dislike it. This might come off as harsh, but it's not really anything more than fan service. Sure, they had their moments. But why?

      Take a popular anime like Yuri!! On ICE. Yuri and Viktor actually let their bonds strengthen, causing them to fall for each other as the story develops and brings them closer.

      You could argue that the entire plot of that anime is romantic, while Aqours has a different main storyline. To which I counter, take this anime: Attack on Titan.

      It's kind of hard to focus on a stable relationship when there are fifteen meter giants brutally eating your entire species. There is a ship that I enjoy very much, and this ship is called LeviHan. My point is that both SNK and Sunshine have plots that definitely do not center around romance, but Levihan is very different from ChikaRiko, and let me tell you why.

      When the survivors finally reached the ocean, Levi Ackerman had his entire lifelong dream right there in front of him. The outside world was everything he and his comrades had shed blood, sweat and tears for. And what does he do? He looks at Hange.

      But do we ever see a moment where emotional sacrifices are made, where true love is shown, in ChikaRiko? Nope.
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    • Miraizura wrote:

      Ezee wrote:

      No ship that goes beyond friendship is canon at all, deal with it :you5: ... You can like it, prefer it and fantasize about it or whatever but its not canon :P
      :mari5: ok then. *brb watching llss ep10*
      I can sense sarcasm, so I'm gonna say it again: It's not canon, and most likely will never be. I discussed about this a million times before but nothing in episode 10 made it canon.

      In fact, especially your argument towards Youshiko made me giggle. Saying it's forced and pushed on us (when the only time they really got put together was in the one pic in the ending and the fact they're getting a duet, but that's like saying DiaRuby is forced on us) when ChikaRiko is the ship being pushed on all of us the most. To me personally, most of their interactions are the most forced things in this franchise and dont feel natural at all. It's just ship pushing and makes me angry because YouChika feels way more natural (I'm talking platonic here, not romantic).
      But in the end, all of them are friends, and they are canonly friends, so yes, in this way ChikaRiko, ChikaYou and Youshiko are canon. :P

      You can ship what you want when you want where you want but do not say it's canon. Because it's not no matter what you think and you'll only piss people off by saying so.

    • @Miraizura That "confession" was completely forgotten about after that episode :hanamaru2:

      Anyways, to answer the question, there are surprisingly no pairings I absolutely hate (aside from DiaRuby, of course) although I'm neutral to ChikaRiko and KanaMari, despite the fact that they're arguably two of the most popular pairings.
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      I know this ship gets hailed, but it's not to me. I cannot ship ChikaRiko. As someone who personally has been the You in this situation, Im sorry. I guess me disliking ChikaRiko is personal.


      This ship is hailed too. I cant ship it. I dont think they go well with each other, tbh. Fighting in a relationship is unhealthy. It might be "fight and make up" but.. Its really unnerving to me.


      Incest. As the oldest sister to 6, this bugs me. A lot. I know it isnt real but.. I cant.

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    • YouHane. I personally feel like this ship is now beginning to be pushed a lot by fans. I can't exactly pinpoint my reason for disliking (or hating, rather) it, but I just don't see it. All I'm really hearing is that they're third wheels to ChikaRiko and RubyMaru. Those two ships aren't canon, and I wouldn't call them third wheels because Chika is not in a romantic relationship with Riko and that goes for Hanamaru and Ruby too. "YouHane is canon!!" has been everywhere just because they got an event during pride month, a scene at the end and a duet, as well as some official art. Also, they take the bus together. Plus, wouldn't this logic apply to every other ship with a duet and official art? And it seems like every main ship is getting a Pride Month event. I don't ship any of the main ships, unsurprisingly. ChikaRiko, although it's cute, appears to be mostly fanservice. Chika meets a girl who's about to jump into the ocean, begins talking to her about her hopes and dreams, persuades her to join the group and they're both instantly in love with each other? I've seen someone say that it's no longer about what will make the whole group happy, but rather what makes Riko happy. I have to agree in a way.