The Oshimen Challenge Thread

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    • Hime wrote:

      Scouted for Ruby in 1st-years box! Got two Ruby SRs, and 2 Hanamaru SRs to sell to idolize both of the Woobs.

      Does anyone know when the next Umi box is available or when the next Umi event will be?
      Is it on JP or EN? If on EN, you may know there's the bubble blowing Umi event going on

      Not sure about JP but hopefully soon! ^^

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    • Hime wrote:


      So, since I hadn't scouted for μ's yet, I decided to do a 10+1 and decide my oshimen from there.

      I GOT TENNIS HANAYO! So Hanayo is my oshimen instead of Umi now. I also got Dancer Hanayo, which I also have on my EN, but that's okay since I don't mind doubles.
      Can I have your hanayo luck plz

      Tennis Hanayo is such a cutie congrats! ^^
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    • Thought I'd drop by to chat about my own oshimen challenge!

      Broadly speaking, my personal guidelines are more for "card-collecting efficiency" and "less suffering." The account was originally a JP starter account SR Hanayo/SR Umi that gathered dust throughout 2016.
      • I chose my best girl Hanayo for my μ's oshimen, as I've always been motivated to collect her cards
      • As for Aqours, I limited my oshimen to any member of Azalea (Dia, Kanan or Hanamaru) and Ruby. I was fortunate enough to get initial SR Hanamaru after ~3 soloyolos, and she became my oshimen.
      • Another guideline for myself is to exclusively scout in the 1st year/Printemps box and the 1st year/Azalea box. It hurts my heart to watch oshimen challenge videos where people scout in main box and have a 1/9th chance of scouting their girl, so why not raise that rate to 1/3rd?
      • Finally, the guideline most unique to my account is to not only practice away all SR+ cards to one of my oshimen, but to (1) only play live shows exclusively with cards of my oshimen (mixed Pana/Maru teams are ok) and (2) practice/sell all R cards that are not of my oshimen (eg no N or R card bonding, aside for Ru Tatara, my favorite N girl). This way, I'm focusing on bonding with only girls who are my oshimen; that, and I always have an ample supply of gold from selling R's.
        • I'll amend the "no N card bonding" guideline once all of my SR+ cards are max leveled/bonded, and then max level/bond one N girl at a time (but I won't amend this guideline for R cards)
      And with that said, I officially started the challenge for Hanayo and Hanamaru in January of 2017, and my account's name is Hanayomaru, or alternatively "Rin Lovers." My account is currently at rank 109, and all sacrifices are in the wishlist tab on school idol tomodachi; they're gone, but never forgotten.

      Overall, this challenge has reinvigorated my interest in playing on the Japanese server (as I prefer to tier and scout on the Worldwide server). Yes, it gets difficult and I could ramble about the scouts that broke me, but the thought of seeing a members-exclusive list of two incredible girls motivates me to tier in JP events I'd otherwise miss and to play Torikoriko PLEASE!! on repeat. I aspire to have a truly cringe-worthy amount of Hanayo and Hanamaru cards in my members list, and whenever that day comes, I know I've completed the challenge.

      btw if you have an oshimen-exclusive JP account, please send me an in-game message and friend me! I'm kinda lonely on there, haha... 541/698/399
    • Due to some unfortunate events, I have been forced to create a new Oshimen account (lost phone in nyc ;-; )

      My new oshimen for EN are Riko and Honoka (got URs of both members and were first two members gained on account anyway)

      I'm currently rank 24 and had to sacrifice 3 SSRs and 15 SRs (lots of best girl in there! ;-; RIP YOU!)
      "I'd rather die than live a life without passion" ~전정국

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