[TRADE] - EN - 60 - 1 / 1 / 4

    • [TRADE] - EN - 60 - 1 / 1 / 4

      Version - Rank: EN - 60
      UR/SSR/SR: 1 / 1 / 4
      Special Cards:
      Cyber Honoka Idolized by copy, Promo Nico and Nozomi URs, Animal Kanan
      Cleared Aqours EX songs and story and Muse story and songs are not cleared completely, I dont think I FCed any.
      Looking for?
      Any account with a Hanamaru UR ;O;
      Personal Message and Pictures:
      Here are pictures of the account! Hello! My EN account is up for trade! I haven't played on it too much, but the Aqours EX songs and story are cleared (not FCed), Muse EX songs are not all cleared and none are FCed! This account has really good solo yolo luck! I soloed UR Cyber Honk twice in a row, making her my first card idolized by copy. Even though the other 2 URs are promos, it still makes the account technically tricolor! I also soloed the SSR Animal Kanan as well as the SRs you see there. I have 20 N stickers and 3 SS Stickers (I had solo yolo'd Initial Muse SSRS and sold them.)

      However, my best girl Hanamaru has still never came home to me on this account, I am willing to trade for her! My dream UR is Christmas Hanamaru, but I am good with Pool, Animal, or even her Cheerleader SSR! Your account doesn't have to be the same Rank as mine, it can be lower, I just want my best girl ;o;

      Thank you for reading!!! I hope you can help me get Maru home <3