What do you think about SSRs instead of SRs in events?

    • In my opinion adjustments made for SIF4.0 are mainly for boost up new players to get a good teams faster, catch other player up and enjoy SM events. Higher rarities should never be more accessible than now just only to make the difference between a good team and a very good team. It's already a good challenge to built 6 SRs+ teams in the same subunit/years/school.
      If events started to give SSRs then SRs would be totally worthless. Adjustments for SIF4.0 would be pointless too and new people would are no chance to catch other players up with idolized SSRs team (like before SIF4.0 with idolized SRs team).
      In a economic point of view, it would be awful to buy gems for Honor Scouting with 95% chance to be disappointed instead of 80%.
    • I think another issue is that it would make idolizing URs much too easy (for people who have URs to idolize). T1 a double event, which is probably going to be the norm from here out, and that's 6 potential SSR stickers. Two stickers if you keep both girls and idolize and skill up both. So that's an idolized UR either every event or every-other-event-and-a-half. Which is pretty darn fast. You could reduce this by making the points card a SR and just the teir card a SSR, but that's still way faster than the current rate at which you can idolize URs, even if you're willing to burn everything to do so and sacrifice every SR.

      Short version, it would be a power boost to people like me who have multiple URs, while not helping people cursed by the RNG because, as said in the first post, event cards aren't going to be that strong regardless of rarity.
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