[TRADE] - Both - 24 - 4 / 1 / 1

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    • [TRADE] - Both - 24 - 4 / 1 / 1

      Version - Rank: Both - 24
      UR/SSR/SR: 4 / 1 / 1
      Special Cards:
      Cyber Honk, Birthstone Eli, Pool Maru and Ruby, Constellation Rin, Initial Chika, Initial Rin, Halloween Yohane, White Day Umi
      All of the accounts listed in this post will be on an android device, so please tell me if you're iOS.
      Looking for?
      I would really like a Nozomi UR en starter/semi-starter. Rin is also fine, depending on the card.
      Personal Message and Pictures:
      I have three EN accounts up for possible trade and one JP account. There are two of them I am slightly attached to and will only take good offers for and I will make note of that when I list all the accounts out.

      Before I list the accounts I'd like to trade, I'd like to talk about the URs I'd like to trade for. I want to start a main EN account that is muse focused, seeing as I have a Aqours focused JP account. Nozomi and Rin are my best Muse girls. For Nozomi, I like the following URs: Teacher/Idol*, Valentine*, Marine*, Halloween*, Birthstone, Victorian. For Rin, I like the following URs: Valentine*, Dancer*, Pajama*(is that what that set is called, idk I'm sorry LMAO), Pool, Maid, Fairy. The URs with * beside them are my favorites and will likely be accepted before the others. My dream, is to have a Valentine pair account, but we can only dream.

      As for things I absolutely do not want. I do not want initial URs. I already had an account with Initial Rin, I've actually had multiple accounts with that card. I've seen it too many times. I'm not a fan of the unidolized Constellation Rin or Mermaid Nozo, but will accept either if they're idolized. All of the accounts I have to offer are multiple UR accounts, and I would really, really appreciate if I didn't get any single UR account offers, unless it had multiple SSRs or a lot of SRs to go with it. I just don't feel its fair.

      If you see an account that you really want and you have an account that's a fair trade but without Nozomi or Rin cards, please feel free to offer anyway. Just know, that your offer will be on hold for a while, until I feel I've waited long enough for someone to offer a Nozo or Rin account instead. What I'm saying is, no offer will be turned completely away unless its just an unfair trade! All of these accounts are ones I don't use and don't need. I don't want them to just sit around anymore.

      That being said, here are the accounts.

      Account #1 is an EN account.

      Rank: 24
      UR/SSR/SR: 2 / 0 / 7 (with one idolized)
      Special Cards: Birthstone Eli, Cyber Honoka.
      Love gems: 5
      Pictures: here!

      Account #2 is an EN account.

      Rank: 32
      UR/SSR/SR: 2 / 0 / 9 (with one idolized)
      Special Cards: Initial Chika, Initial Rin
      Love gems: 0
      Pictures: here!

      Account #3 is an EN account. (I'm attached to this one. Your offer will need to be really nice.)

      Rank: 46
      UR/SSR/SR: 4 / 1 (Idolized) / 8 (with one idolized)
      Special Cards: White Day Umi, Initial Rin, Pool Ruby, Halloween Yohane, Idolized SSR Pool You
      Love gems: 10

      Pictures: here!

      Account #4 is an JP account. (I'm attached to this one as well. Your offer will need to be really nice.)

      Rank: 41
      UR/SSR/SR: 3 / 1 / 7 (with five idolized)
      Special Cards: Pool Ruby, Pool Hanamaru, Constellation Rin, SSR Hanamaru
      Love gems: 1
      Pictures: here!

      The last account is one I really like, and I personally don't want to give it away, even though I will probably never use it seeing as I already have a really nice JP main. The third account is one I've been debating on using as my EN main for quite a while, especially after I solo yolo'd that Halloween Yohane (blESS), but for some reason I really just want a Muse EN main, and I'm just not feeling that account. The last two will need REALLY nice offers, but I'm willing to hear anything you guys have.

      Thank you. Please don't forget to leave me any offers and such! (Also, just to throw it out there, Job Kanan is something I really, really want. She's best girl. I also really love Valentine Yohane and Mari, and Angel Mari. So, any EN accounts with those will be highly regarded and probABLY ACCEPTED BECAUSE WOW. Love those cards.)