LLSS 2nd Season Discussion

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    • This new episode was seriously sweet and heartwarming. I'm so happy that Aqours has made it into the final round of Love Live!, and I really like the girls' motivation to get more applicants before the time gets to be over. I felt heartbroken when they couldn't obtain 100 of them before applications have been closed, and it's even more sad that now they couldn't save their school. I especially felt so bad for Chika when she knew she could have shined her group brighter if she has the chance to save it. She always has so much compassion for her school. I love the insert song in this episode.

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    • Just saw the 7th episode.

      TsUNaMy WaVe wrote:

      (who the hell sign up for a school at 4am anyway?!)
      So true, this part was absurd with the ridiculous time extent. I'd probably make a table flip if the 2 last registrations happened at 4:59:59.999999999999AM.

      At the same time, I was tired about the school close down thing. I'm glad the plot goes this new way and I hope 3rd years will continue to keep away the "last Love Live for 3rd years".
    • An episode that makes it unique and made variety, not an episode where it recycled everything in the past LL. So far it is great. Looking forward to the next episode of it, which is gonna be aired soon by today.
    • Absolutely loved the episode, although I was hoping Ruby and Ria would sing the ending together lol. And I'm a bit bummed we didn't get the new Saint Snow song (I mean come on they already previewed a different one in an earlier episode) but otherwise this is definitely one of my favorite episodes, and the first one of this season I cried at. I love Dia's and Ruby's relationship. And I'm glad I was right about Saint Snow all along lol, at least Seira is a perfectly fine polite person. As for Ria, her inner conflict felt very real to me, I liked it and the way they connected it to Ruby.
      So, hoping for either a RiaRuby, Saint Snow or Aqours x Saint Snow song! (Best would ofc be all three haha).

    • This was such a sweet and cool episode (pun intended). I really like the fact that the girls, except for Hanamaru, don't even get to wear pants during the snow, which reminded me of Season 2 Episode 9 where Honoka, Kotori, and Umi were asked how they could wear their school outfits at the snow. Back to this episode, Hanamaru was pretty funny after she stuffed her coat to make herself look fat, and she even had a funny, muffled voice. She knocked Ruby, Yohane, and You by falling down, then the three were all like "Hey!" Not to mention that Hanamaru sure loves to eat so dang much!

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      Saint Snow has shockingly felled apart during their performance, and they were having a fight. I don't think I seen a rival idol group that had the bad malperformance, and this made Leah crying so much, so Ruby had to go meet her and make her feel better. Personally, I don't really care for Leah, because she's really mean like saying that she'll make someone pay for whatever reason, but I'm happy that Ruby gets to be in a pair of her at the end of the episode. Speaking of Ruby, her relationship with her sister, Dia, has made me like Ruby alot now. It was so sweet.

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    • I'm so glad that Ruby finally got her much needed screentime in this episode. I've noticed that throughout the anime prior to this point, they've been dropping hints that Ruby is good at reading people. She was the one who convinced Hanamaru to join Aqours in episode 4 of season 1 because she could tell that Hanamaru was happy when she was practicing, despite Hanamaru saying she does not wanting to join. But Ruby figures out that Hanamaru truly likes it, and Hanamaru was hiding how she was actually feeling because she feels she isn't good enough to be an idol. Also in season 1, episode 8, Ruby noticed that Leah was crying about not winning the Tokyo event. Then in season 1, episode 9, you have Kanan refusing to join Aqours because she was "through with being an idol". But of course Kanan was lying. Who figures that out? Little Wooby, who immediately points out "I could have sworn I saw her dancing at Benten Island the other day!" And we saw that trait of Ruby's finally utilized fully in this episode. She saw figured Leah out and knew what how Leah was feeling, despite Leah not being honest with her feelings. Ruby understood why Leah was acting and feeling the way she was, because she used her own experiences to help see through other people. It was nice to see Leah opening herself up to Ruby, and see the side of her to understand why she acts so cold and mean.

      Also, giant Hanamaru rolling everyone over was just hilarious.
    • Ruby has been creeping up my Aqours ranking and this week's episode secured her spot as third best girl. She's adorable; I'm glad she's finally getting some character development.

      And uhh... Incoming rant?? I'll put it in a spoiler because it might get a little long.

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      ... What happened to Hanamaru?
      Her food obsession might have been funny in season 1, but now it's just overused and I don't like. Hanamaru has more to her than food and "mirai zura!!" ;n;
      Another thing is that she's supposed to be Ruby's best friend, but nowadays she just seems like she's part of a comic relief duo with Yoshiko. I can't remember any significant RubyMaru interactions this season. This episode, we have Ruby running out into the snow crying, but Hanamaru doesn't seem to care??
      I feel like they're pushing YohaMaru and that they've forgotten all about Ruby and Maru's friendship. Yeah, I guess this season they're focusing on Ruby's relationship with Dia to make up for the lack of interactions between them in season 1, but it still bugs me that they've seemed to have forgotten that Ruby and Maru are best friends.
      Please give Maru at least a little character development. She has so much potential that's being wasted ;-;
    • Oh my goodness, this is like the most beautiful episode I've ever seen since season 2 episode 9 of the original Love Live! Ruby has developed her character more and more, and I finally get to see Leah shine, which makes her not so bad after all. In fact, I like her a lot more now after this incredible episode, and it's amazing that she and Ruby have sung "Awaken the Power", along with the rest of their members surprisingly enough.

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    • Best episode ever. Finally Ruby got her shiny time :ruby2:
      By developing Saint Snow, this episode fills what is missing in µ's Love Live. In my opinion, It was a total waste to didn't give some further interest to A-Rise.
      How the hell Yohane could be heavier than Ruby and Zuramaru together? Well, this joke is only warmed over from Honk/Pana.

      Can't wait the next episode.