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    • Pretty good episode. I am really happy that Saint Snow gets to have faith in Aqours, and Saint Snow have helped Aqours to train very hard in order to win Love Live! Most importantly, the 3rd-Years have been in such great relationship ever since they were kids. Mari has always been very charismatic.

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    • I like how they tied things back to season 1 and I love how Riko played Omoi yo Hitostu Ni Nare on the piano. I also love You's hair in the song
      The song wasn't as good as Muse's when they performed. I liked the feathers.

      The blue feather is now my fave character lol jk. It'll always be You
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    • Not the best episode, but it was definitely a nice one. I liked the part when You started the pillow fight with Mari, along with Kanan and Dia, which was definitely a shoutout to Episode 10 Season 1 of the original Love Live! I've been loving Riko more and more by the time she's been developing her character, and it's always great that she and the rest of Aqours have been wanting to win Love Live! ever since. I'm also glad that Mari has started that she and her friends will always be together even though they'll be leaving each other. Hence, the sky is connected. Water Blue New World is a decent song, but it's not one of my favorites, though I do really like the outfits the girls wore. Hanamaru looks especially beautiful with the outfit.

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    • The episode was really nice. The only thing that bothered me was the ending. I get that they wanted to push in another song, but the timing of it kind ruined the set up. Like, Chika said the 3rd years already left, but here they are wanting to sing... like come on :v
      Ah well whatever. This season really made Sunshine better overall, after the lame s1. I wonder what will happen to Aqours now. I guess the movie won't be to much about real plot, like the first movie. I'm just curious if the end of Aqours is really that soon or not
    • This is the definitely much better finale than Season 1's finale. Last year's finale was disappointing, but I'm very happy how this finale had turned out. I still find it sad that Uranohoshi Girls' High School has been closing down, as well as the 3rd-Years leaving, but I'm really happy that Aqours have won Love Live! I'm also really happy that Riko has finally got her own new dog, as well as Mari getting her certificate for being very diligent. This episode really shows what the finale should have been in Love Live! Sunshine!, and it had bidded farewell to Uranohoshi Girls' High School and the 3rd-Years.

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      One thing I kinda griped about was when You gets to be in love.... with Riko! Does that mean that my favorite shipping, Riko x Yohane, won't be ever happening again!? Apparently, Riko gets along with You more than Yohane, & it shows that You finally gets her shipping that is canon.

      EDIT: Off-topic, but congratulations @TsUNaMy WaVe for having 2,000 likes!

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    • I just finished the whole series, I was waiting until they aired the last episode so I could marathon them all. Eventually, it took 4 days to watch the whole series since 3-4 episodes was the maximum I could handle per day. UGH! But I finished it so yay. Waiting for the movie now, I guess.


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      Please don't get mad at me. I really like LL franchise, but the anime adaptations have never been my favourite thing. And this was the absolute worst. The series was stupid, boring and unoriginal. I didn't expect a great plot or lots of originality but come on! Almost every episode felt like some sort of filler. There were some good episodes but most of them were just annoying to watch. They were prolonging closing down the school way too much. I would have loved to see more idol activities, but since 1st season or any of the µ's' series never showed that anyway, I guess my hopes were too high. Their problems are also too overly dramatic but I liked that they discussed what 3rd years were going to do after school. This was something µ's never addressed in their anime series.

      I also think that shows like early-morning child anime gets their morals right more than this anime. The dialogue is cringeworthy and they talk WAY TOO MUCH about shining and other abstract but shallow concepts which make conversations between characters very stiff. It's like they practice these speeches so they can give then when needed.

      I also don't like how they make characters almost like caricatures of themselves. Hanamaru is downgraded to be nothing than zura. You barely was in the series! She did absolutely nothing. I did enjoy Yohane antics, they were almost the best material series could offer. But the worst was Chika. She was overly obsessed, annoying, delusional and it felt like her IQ dropped half from the 1st season. I actually liked Chika in the 1st season but in this 2nd season she was almost unbearable to watch! Good things were that Saint Snow girls had more development (a thing I wished A-RISE would have had) and Ruby, my least favourite character, was not annoying and actually one of the best characters in this season. This definitely made me like Ruby more! I also think that all of these characters work way better in games in which they don't have to fill in a long plot and can just have fun in some short stories.

      Songs were better than in the 1st season and my favourites were probably My MAI Tonight and MIRACLE WAVE. I have to give some of the later songs more listens because they sounded good as well! Their outfits were also really nice. Only ones I didn't like were of MIRACLE WAVE, they were maybe a little generic and cheesy. I'm not really a fan of that kind of style.


      I know this is just a bubblegum anime but I waited for at least a little better. The 1st season was okay but this was just bad. I wonder if they'll make an anime out of the next group of girls as well? If they do, I'll hope they'll execute it a little better than this 2nd season of Sunshine.
    • Juanka888 wrote:

      Great Final, I cried so hard on this episode, so much feels but it was a good end, I can't wait for the movie

      Mochi wrote:

      I was shook when I saw Shiitake was a GIRL?!?! Lol
      I think noboby expected that Shiitake was a girl xD
      At some point before the revelation I actually realized that we don't know Shiitake's gender and before that I never really thought about it- Shiitake was a dog- I don't expect dog to be boy any more than girl really- unless it has strongly masculine (or feminine) name. So Shiitake is girl- it's not as surprising as alpacas of Otonokizaka :D

      LL-Sunshine was a bit cringe-worthy anime to be honest, it had it's moments, but second season felt mostly just overly dramatic to me and Chika's obsession over saving their school and all that talk about "finding her radiance" was irritating at times. Didn't like her character much during the first season either. She is many ways just overly dramatic version of Honoka, who is constantly acting weird when "looking for her radiance"- whatever that is supposed to mean anyway.

      I guess this mystical "radiance" was some sort of emotional state or feeling that seems to be very central to School Idol philosophy. Which is not very deep philosophy to be honest. Connecting to audience, bringing joy and cuteness, working hard to achieve your goals and doing your best with your friends, I get it that's what these sort of shows are about, but at times it felt like I had already seen some of the scenes. There was so much pointless talk IMHO.

      I really liked how Saint Snow developed and Ruby was also much better now, my favorite episodes were those little sister binding moments, overly dramatic yes, but connection between Leah/Ria and Ruby actually developed nicely. Yoshiko and Riko were also nicely becoming closer, and good thing that "Little demon Riri" also made it's way to anime-canon. Dog-episode was also fun to watch. Nocturne is such a great name for a dog!

      First episodes of this season were most frustrating and felt mostly pointless to me. Some characters were totally underused this season like You especially and Hanamaru was just there as well- yes she said her "Zura" in every episode but she didn't develop at all or do anything herself while she was there supporting Ruby and Yoshiko there quite a bit. Yoshiko/Yohane was actually the least cringe-worthy character of this show (which is kinda worrisome) since her Chuuni-talk made me laugh or grin instead of facepalm like half of the stuff written for others(especially Chika). Didn't like it how they had to add Dia that "bzzzt!" catchphrase, she has enough personality and presence without her own catchphrase and honestly one "bzzzt!" would have been enough catchphrase for her in this time of internet memes.

      Ok those were just my thoughts so please don't get angry if you disagree. Honestly I'm just happy if you enjoy the show more than I do. 8)

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    • Very uncertain how I feel about this season.
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      The first episode was probably the worst pilote episode they could have made, I was super happy when episode 2 was amazing and... that's basically how almost the entire season went. Boring cringy episode - great (mostly character) episode and so on. Yeah, the character episodes were where this season really shined, and they were amazing. Dia episode, YohaRiko episode and RubyRia episodes were probably my favorites in the entire franchise alongside LWB and RubyMaru episodes. The season had some really cute character interactions and managed to fix a lot of problems from S1 - like Aqours not feeling like a group which they already touched upon in EP2. Made me really happy. They also made me like Riko A LOT more. I heavily disliked Riko in S1 because of all the forced ChikaRiko; it was my biggest fear for S2 but they worked it out so nicely, I was so relieved.
      So... why did they have to add new problems?
      First of all: I love Chika. I really do. I was surprised by how much I loved her after S1 since I never liked Honoka and expected to not be a fan of her either. But she was so cute and resonated a lot with me, I loved her.
      Which is why I hate what they did with her for most of S2. All those cringy "motivation" speeches which they obviously just gave her because she's the MC and someone had to say it (hint: NO they hadn't because this is an anime about high school girls and high school girls don't suddenly start screaming about shining and weird morals), they felt so practiced and scripted and didn't fit her character at all. Her role as MC was forced onto her in the most unnatural way it made it painful to watch. It's so sad! There were instances where she was her normal self like in Dia's episode with Hanamaru or when Yoshiko called Riko Riri for the first time; an a bit immature, a little sassy naive high school girl, not some poet who gives speeches which the third years would have been more fitting to give. I did like her character episode (although I felt like it could have gone into more depth and shouldn't have been connected solely to their idol stuff since she could be such an interesting character with her problem), but then they decided she didn't have enough yet and made almost all episodes about her? Like, the final episode was nice, but it only felt like a conclusion to Chika and not Aqours as a group. Hell, the insert song is pretty much Chika feat Aqours; not ever before did a girl have as many lines in a single insert song as she in Wonderful Stories.
      That reminds me; did you notice how much Chika is in the focus of the insert songs this season? I mean, yeah she's the dance center of every single anime insert song anyway, but also the way the camera shifts (and amount of 2d shots she gets... just look at Awaken the Power, wtf man let Ruby have this) especially during the chorus. Especially in Miracle Wave, Water Blue New World and Wonderful Stories the camera keeps focusing on the center even when zooming around. It never was like that for Muse, I compared it; they had way more different angles and perspectives. Just something I picked up.
      Moving on... You. She did not deserve this. Wasn't she the most popular girl in Japan? Who thought it was a good idea to throw her to the side worse than Kanan in S1? At least Kanan got her attention eventually. You got nothing. She didn't do anything impactful at all. Granted, Maru didn't really either, but thanks to Ruby's episodes she had way more presence. I can't put into words how mad I am about You's treatment.

      So, those are the main points which bothered me. May sound very negative but tbh; I didn't have very high expectations in the first place because while I liked S1 more than most people, I never watched LL for the anime lore (I don't like SIP thaaat much) but to see my girls animated (they should just make episodes about random days of their lives tbh). The lore of this season was trashy and overly dramatic. But it delivered in what I wanted from it: Character interactions and insert songs. My Mai Tonight, awaken the power and water blue new world are probably my favorite insert songs in the entire franchise and the OP and ED are amazing. LLSS2 shines where an idol anime is supposed to shine, and that's enough for me tbh. Now I'm waiting for the movie for more good insert songs~

    • I'm personally not as upset about the lack of focus on You and Hanamaru this season like I see most people are. Not because I don't care for them because I do, but I had seen it coming. Thing is, You and Hanamaru did already get episodes dedicated to them in Season 1 (Episode 11 and 4, respectively), so I felt in a way, the writers had to push them aside so the other girls, like say Dia and especially Ruby (this season definitely helped make like her a lot more), who didn't really have their own episode last season to get their chance in the spotlight. I felt like that this was something that occurred with SIP before. I've heard people say Kotori didn't contribute much in Season 2, but the arguement for that was that she did have her arc in Season 1 that there wasn't really anymore for her character to contribute after. So You and Hanamaru ended up getting the Kotori treatment. From the writers' point of view, they probably thought that since You and Hanamaru had their episodes already, they didn't have much else to offer. Of course, they could have been given more, but unfortunately they weren't. But Riko and Yoshiko, who both had episodes in Season 1 (Episodes 2 and 5) were fortunate to get more focus this season in episode 5. Which is probably unfair, but I don't personally have a problem with. I mean, I do have my biases, since Riko is my best girl while You is my least girl. That's probably why I didn't care much for You's lack of screentime this season. Had she gotten another episode this season focused on her, I might have been able to like her more. I do feel like what they did for in season 1 felt like it wasn't quite enough, so really put her at the bottom of my Aqours ranking list. But they didn't, so I just thought "Well, I guess they felt there's nothing more to her character, so I can't really have a higher opinion of her now. Her fans probably aren't happy about this. "

      And about Chika this season, I can see why a lot of people didn't like how she was handled. One moment she's her goofy, energetic self, and the next she's super philosophical and speaking about morals like an old person. In a way, I feel like that adds a bit more depth to her character. You see that she's not always the enthusiastic girl determined to never give up on her dreams as she presents herself to everyone as. When she's faced with challenging obstacles after another, she eventually breaks down. To her, she just always gets knocked down a peg and can't keep that facade of perpetual optimism much longer, because no matter what she does, something else always comes along to remind her that her efforts aren't always good enough. And that feeling of inadequacy makes her wonder about what she really wants, and why she does it, and if it's worth it. Things don't always go as they planned, and she feels like she failed because she was getting help from everyone helping her succeed, and believes that she lets everyone down. She thinks of herself as just a normal monster and relies on everyone else, just to get things done beause she doesn't give herself credit for doing anything and fears that she's a burden on everyone. I think that switching from her usual goofball demeanor to giving motivational speeches could be her coping mechanism for the situation she's in. She wants to save her school and win Love Live, but knows deep down that it isn't as easy as she thinks it is. I feel like I may be reading too much into it, considering this is just a cute anime about high school girls, but I feel like she acted the way she did is because I can sorta relate to her actions throughout the series. I also went through several moments in my life, and I still do now, where I felt like nothing I did was good enough because I was constantly "failing". But I didn't want to bring other people down with me, so I tried my best to be cheerful and optmistic even so. It hurt me to see other people feeling down like I did, so I tried giving motivational talks to help them. It was my coping mechanism. But eventually, things would get so bad that I would break down, no longer able to keep that enthusiasm, believing that I just wasn't good enough no matter what I did and that I was wasting the efforts of everyone who had tried to help me. Was I just meant to be a failure in order to support others into succeeding? But then I realize, maybe I can still shine, even when I've been pushed down, and still try to make things right. And at the end of the last episode, you can see that Chika has grown. As the school closes, she knows she did the best she could for it. She helped Uranohoshi's School Idol Club win Love Live, as well as help the rest of Aqours experience a fulfilling school year and grow closer together.

      Aside from another post of Emi-chan reads too much into Love Live Season 2 all that, I liked the songs this season. The OP and especially the ED were great. My favorite song is probably Mai Mai Tonight. Ending the season with one final insert song was a nice way to end things. Can't wait until the movie!
    • Yoki wrote:

      You. She did not deserve this. Wasn't she the most popular girl in Japan? Who thought it was a good idea to throw her to the side worse than Kanan in S1? At least Kanan got her attention eventually. You got nothing. She didn't do anything impactful at all. Granted, Maru didn't really either, but thanks to Ruby's episodes she had way more presence. I can't put into words how mad I am about You's treatment
      I 1000000000% agree with this statement. You and Maru should've developed more in this season. I am very upset with whoever had the idea to toss You aside.
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    • Overall I enjoyed Sunshine, but there were A LOT of problems with it...
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      Just to name a few Yoshiko being demoted to a comic relief character and completely undermining her sweet caring nature (which was shown a little in the dog episode but she was being rude by having the dog chase after Riko). What I don't like about the season as a whole the most is probably the potential it had and what it could have been. I assure you I don't hate what we got, but it had the potential to go above and beyond that. After each episode I just got the feeling of "so how am i supposed to feel about this" There were only a few in this season that I feel like I genuinely enjoyed and that showed Sunshine in well it shiniest moments. It kind of felt like if you didn't like Chika you were lost on the series. The ending felt more like an ending for Chika (but hey I guess we have the movie). I mean my first watch of SIP I didn't like Honoka very much but I didn't feel like the show shoved her in my face too much and let the other girls be part of the spotlight too. Something I don't think anyone else mentioned I still felt like all of the girls in Aqours aren't very close with each other. Sure we got some new interactions this season, but they didn't really interact outside of the episodes where they're meant to if you get my point. An example the 1st and 3rd year episode where they write a song together but after that episode you really don't see the first/third years interact much outside of Dia and Ruby?

      Did I hate Sunshine? Of course not! I still liked it for what it was. I'm just disappointed since maybe I overhyped myself for it. I'm looking forward to what the movie will bring us!
    • Finally got around to watching Sunshine's 2nd season.
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      I really liked the fact that Uranohoshi closed down. It's more realistic because Uchiura is rural while Tokyo is a massive city. There simply won't be enough students to sustain it in the long run, imo. Development for Riko and Saint Snow was also welcome; for Riko, it was some much needed interactions with someone who wasn't Chika (or You for that matter), while the latter's arc fleshed out Sarah and Leah as both a rival group and individual members. I can honestly say that Saint Snow were much better characters than A-Rise imo. And of course, Dia - her episode was my favourite, it really showed off her cute 'dorky' side that I'm pretty sure won her more fans.
      I'm not a fan of the lack of a You or Hanamaru episode however. They feel just as flat here as they both did in S1 - at least Maru retained her love of reading, but You was still pretty much "Chika's athletic childhood friend". I would've liked an episode where You's off to a swim meet and everyone cheers her on, or an episode centered around Maru's Temple. Funnily enough, I have the same complaint about SIP's S2 and the lack of an Umi focus. It's understandable though; 13 episodes simply isn't enough, so some girls had to be left behind to make room for the plot. Umi, You and Hanamaru were the unfortunate ones.
      With how popular Love Live is, I feel like S2 should've been a two-cour. Imo, 24-26 episodes will be more than enough for the development of 9 characters (11 if you count Saint Snow), the Love Live! competition itself, and graduation.

      Despite my complaints, I enjoyed it. The songs (especially My Mai Tonight and Awaken the Power) were pretty memorable for me, and I liked the little references here and there. Can't wait for the movie ^^
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