[GIVEAWAY] - JP - 219 - 6 / 18 / 110

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    • [GIVEAWAY] - JP - 219 - 6 / 18 / 110

      Version - Rank: JP - 219
      UR/SSR/SR: 6 / 18 / 110
      Special Cards:
      10 promo URs + 2 Saint Snow Rs (see the SIT page)
      See the SIT page
      Looking for?

      Personal Message and Pictures:
      I give up on my JP account. I think, I can spend time enough on SIF with only one account. And... It would be really impossible for me to play 2 SIF accounts + 2 future SIF AS accounts.

      You can get all up to date information about this account on this SIT page.

      What about this account?
      It's F2P.
      It's specialized in Aqours members.
      With the last improvement, I think some Aqours events can be performed in T1 (SM if you are skilled enough), otherwise T2 is easily reachable. With µ's event, you can barely get into T2. All my teams are around 67k (see the composition on the SIT page). Currently, I'm in T2 for sure with 646769pts on GALAXY HidE and SeeK EX (#10404).
      My goal was to level max and bond max all cards I got, thus I never sold any unidolized card and I spent most of seals in order to idolize all cards. I've got 292 member spaces too.
      There are practically nothing to farm. You can get last love gems by FC master songs or S clear Hard+ songs only. Hence if you are a beginner, you should think a lot before take this boring account and never enjoy improving your team, unlocked new songs and FC it.

      If you use iOS, just tell me how I should spend love gems.

      EDIT: Given to Miyuko. Deal with her! XD

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    • I'd be interested as well! I lost everything since I lost my phone so I was forced to start over. I have iOS so the gems could be used on solos/member space

      I personally don't mind having an account that is hard to farm. As long as I have a JP account that I can value, I'll be good
      "I'd rather die than live a life without passion" ~전정국

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