Aqours rankings before & after Season 2 of the anime

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    • Aqours rankings before & after Season 2 of the anime

      With Season 2 finished I am wondering how it's shifted people's favorite (and least favorite) girls in Aqours. As I feel S2 really helped certain characters grow more on me, so I'm interested who grew on others the most.

      Before Season 2:
      1) Riko
      2) Chika
      3) Ruby
      4) You
      5) Dia
      6) Hanamaru
      7) Yohane
      8) Mari
      9) Kanan

      After Season 2:
      1) Riko (=) Riko was still just as likable in my eyes as before~
      1) Chika (1↑) Chika managed to close the gap between my liking of her and Riko as she had a lot of great moments throughout S2 and became a different than Honoka leader, but very likable.
      3) Ruby (=) While she didn't move up a rank among aqours; I like her a LOT more than after S1; she got an excellent character arc.
      4) Dia (1↑) Along with her sister Dia also got some really good character moments especially between the two of them I am really happy with how their sisterly bonds were shown in S2.
      5) Mari (3↑) Back S1 I felt like they overplayed her joke side without enough of her actual personality shown; S2 kept the jokes at times, but I felt like I saw her real character and personality show a lot more and understood her more than before which made her jump the most ranks because of that contrast.
      6) You (2↓) While You had some pretty nice moments and I still like her; it felt like she was cast support too much for me to like her more than this.
      7) Hanamaru (1↓) Too much memes with Yohane she was like Mari seasons reversed, I still like her just liked less relative to others after that.
      8) Kanan (1↑) Though only moving up 1 rank; it might me go from dislike of Kanan to moderate like of her because of her developments with Chika in ep 6 and in general her dynamic with other 3rd years improving.
      9) Yohane (2↓) Way too much repetitive comedic relief in S2 for her chuuniness; it often felt hurt she hurt the show overall by using so much screentime to make the same gag for the 27th time with minor variation, and I really did not like her focus episode at all it felt like irrelevant filler and she treated Riko's fear like a joke and disrespectfully which really annoyed me.

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    • Before Season 2:

      1. Riko
      2. Kanan
      3. Hanamaru
      4. Chika
      5. Dia
      6. Ruby
      7. Yoshiko
      8. Mari
      9. You


      1. Riko-I was pretty much set after Season 1 Episode 2 that she was going to be my best girl forever and forever. There's just way too much about her that I relate to so much that I can't like anyone else over her. I am, however, not as big of a fan as what they decided to do with her in Season 2. Personally, YohaRIko, while I don't hate it as much as I used to, is still not my cup of tea. It was kinda sad to see ChikaRiko get pushed aside in favor of this ship. As much as people complained about ChikaRiko being forced in Season 1, I just don't see how it's anymore forced than YohaRiko was this season. Yes, I'm aware that I'm probably biased, but I can't help it. It was a bit grating to see my best girl be reduced to just being's Yohane's second banana fallen angel a lot this season. Nonetheless, Riko's still my precious baby and I love her so much. I loved how she was able to overcome her fear of dogs and get a cute little puppy herself.
      2. Kanan-Still second best girl. I started to like her a little bit more after considering things through her point of view. Yes her angsty attitude in last season towards Mari and towards Chika doing the Miracle Wave this season was grating as ever, but knowing what she has been through and having consideration for what would be best for her friends whether they agree with her or not, I can understand why she was like that way. She knows that what others want to do isn't always the best for them, and she's practical about it. It can easily come off as being pessimistic, but with a cast of energetic, idealists like Chika and Mari, she does provide the balance of the practical one that I felt this show needed. I know a lot of people hate her for it, but I think it gives her more depth. I liked that we had a big sister like character who isn't just the typical always being supportive to the younger characters type, but also is willing to tell the harsh truth when necessary,
      3. Ruby-She really went up a lot for me. I was scared about how they were going to handle her character. I was wondering if her focus episode would be about her androphobia, which wasn't presented last season and made me wonder if they were going to present it this season. I admit, I was kinda interested in that aspect of her and if they were going to play it out in the anime, especially considering that there's literally no men in the show. On the other hand, I was also worried that they would handle it poorly. I didn't want the show just to randomly add a bunch of guys into the show just for that because their prescence would feel super forced. While I don't consider myself androphobic, I am a little bit afraid of men, and I wouldn't want a fear as serious as androphobia to treated as a joke. In retrospect, I'm really glad they ended up scrapping that out of the anime. I found her development of becoming more independent from older sister much more interesting and much more fitting for her character in the anime. It was nice to see her development of wanting to be her own person and not merely an extension of her older sister. It feels so empowering to see that in her being a little sister myself.
      4. Dia-I liked how in her episode, we got to see her softer side. She knows she's seen as more intimidating compared to the other third years and wants to be less as such. I enjoyed how the group wanted her to continue being who she is because that was what made her unique, and she accepted that part of her because she needs to be someone to push the group.
      5. Chika-She definitely has shown a lot of growth throughout the series. I found it hard not to empathize with her as she struggled to achieve her goals and shine. It was nice to see herself become more understanding of who she really is. She wasn't trying to be a copy of Honoka anymore, I saw that she was trying her best to lead the group in her own way. And that she wasn't anymore of simply a normal monster than anyone else because she worked just as hard, if not harder, as everyone else to get where she, no everyone, was.
      6. Hanamaru-Inevitably, her lack of focus this season was going to make her drop a few spots. Kinda feel bad considering she was so high AND she's my boyfriend's best girl (yet another post where Emi-chan mentions her boyfriend). It was sad to see how she was mostly just there for "zura" this season. She's still so cute though. I love how she's always eating food.
      7. Mari-Was able to appreciate her a bit more this season. One thing that dropped her down so low last season was that I found her overuse of bad English to get annoying after a while of being funny. But this season explored her more serious side. She worked hard as a school director to keep the school open and help Aqours perform well. And her arc about leaving her position as school director in order to go overseas was something I felt was well-handled. Although her character archetype of "funny foreigner" is not one I'm fond of, I'm glad that Mari is still able to have a bit more substance than before.
      8. You-She was my least favorite last season, as I wasn't a fan of her character arc. As I had suspected, this season wasn't really going to give her another chance in the spotlight. She wasn't too important and didn't do much to make me like her more. I appreciate her being a supportive friend. But she was pretty much destined to be a character with very little utilization. She moved up a spot mostly because I managed to someone else managed to drop to the bottom.
      9. Yoshiko-I wanted to like her, I really do. I still do at least a little. Believe me when I say it hurts to put her this low. While I felt You got too little screentime this season, Yoshiko had the opposite problem. She got too much screentime in my opinion. It just felt like too much time was devoted to her fallen angel antics. Yes, they're cute sometimes. But c'mon! Can we give some of that glory to someone else? While it's not really her fault that she took up so much time as much as it's the writers, I can't help but let that taint my view of her. I definitely did not like how she was treating Riko's fear of dogs, like no, you do not constantly let out a dog to chase someone who fears dog like that at all. That's not cute, that's not funny. Period. Almost made me want to punch her (or kick in my case, since I have stronger kicks than punches). Also couldn't help affect my opinion Yoshiko when ChikaRiko moments were pushed aside for more YohaRiko interactions. And Riko started becoming reduced to Yohane's sidekick which really did not please me at all. Again, not her fault at all, but it was really annyoing and might I say, heartbreaking, to see my OTP be faded into obscurity in favor of a ship I'm not a huge fan of and having my best girl being constantly just there to interact with one of my least favorite characters, not to mention the screentime she took up that just felt like filler.

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    • - Before:

      -After(it didnt change that much tough!):
      1-Mari(-): Season 2 just made me love her even more. Season 2 gave her more a more dept side, which is cool. She was not just funny anymore. She has a very serous side and is able to fight for her school.She is just adorable and made me cry more than once. Never change, best girl! :mari3:
      2-Dia (-): Just like Mari, season 2 made me love her more. Her episode touched me because I didnt know she was feeling alone. She is just unique! And she just loves her sister so much. How could I not like her? :dia5:
      3-Yoshiko/Yohane(-):My fallen angel was as cool as in season 1. I just love her so much! :yoshiko5:
      4- Riko(+2): Riko really got so much character developement this season! She FINALLY interacted with somebody else than Chika. That made her so much cooler! She passed through her fear of dogs, which is awesome! She is finally more than a pretty face and a beautiful voice! :riko3:
      5-Hanamaru(-1):Zura! I loved her so much back in season 1! In season 2, she was almost just there to say zura and eat. They treated her only as a comedic relief. All my love for her comes from season 1 only because she was not there a lot in season 2. :hanamaru3:
      6-Ruby(-1) I love her more now. She has grown up so much in season 2.Her friendship with Leah is so beautiful. She just lose a position because I discovered my love for Riko, that’s all. :ruby2:
      7-You(+1): Gosh! I just feel bad for You! She doesnt deserve to be treated like this! She is a good girl with a positive energy! :you3: Give her developement!
      8-Kanan(-1) : She was very annoying , once again!( Don’t kill me please, it’s just my opinion.) :kanan1:
      9- Chika(-): Nothing special about her and she is just so annoying sometime. Do you need to be so dramatic all the time?We get it, your school is going to close. Is it a good reason to be like : "OMG! I dont want to do the Love Live anymore!!!" No! :chika5:

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    • Ranking before anime:
      1. Yoshiko
      2. Hanamaru
      3. You
      4. Mari
      5. Chika
      6. Dia
      7. Ruby
      8. Kanan
      9. Riko

      Yeah.. very good question. I like some girls more than before, but I like no girl less just because they didn't get as much screentime (You/Maru) or suffered from bad writing (Chika) so I'm just gonna say who I like more and why.
      Riko: I heavily disliked Riko after S1, mainly because of the ChikaRiko bullshit. But god, did S2 redeem her. I still don't like her as much as most others, but the YohaRiko moments were really great and I enjoyed her character way more.
      Ruby: MY GIRL. I LOVE YOU. Honestly, if it was just the RiaRuby episodes she'd jump over Dia, Chika and maybe even Mari easily. Her character episodes were definitely the best; they did her so much justice and I absolutely love her.
      So uh yeah. The others kinda stayed the same. If I'd have to rank now:
      1. Yoshiko (best girl stays best girl, bless all the screentime she got)
      2. Hanamaru (even though I'm pissed she didn't get an episode, she was hilarious. Gotta love YohaMaru comedy duo)
      3. You (poor bby ily)
      4. Mari (meme lord + emotional + Ainya, I love herrr)
      5. Dia&Ruby (Honestly they're equal. I can't decide.)
      6. Chika (this was so hard because I love my dorky Chika but... why S2 sobs)
      7. Riko (sorry Riko I still like the others more but I love u)
      8. Kanan
      19: protagonist-leader-cheese-Chika (No srsly fck whoever thought that was a good idea)
      Yeah... Kanan back at the bottom for me. I honestly can't tell what kind of character she's supposed to be. She seems to be different in every episode lol.
      Overall S2 had really amazing character episodes (and got rid of the thing I hated most about S1 aka ChikaRiko so that's already way more than I hoped for lol). I love Aqours. :mari3:

    • Ranking before Season 2:
      1. Riko
      2. Mari
      3. Yoshiko
      4. You
      5. Hanamaru
      6. Kanan
      7. Chika
      8. Ruby
      9. Dia

      1. Riko. She'll never change as my best girl. I love the episode where she overcame her fear of dogs.
      2. Mari. Same as before. She got a bit more serious after season 1 because she wanted to try saving the school since she was the chairwoman.
      3. Yoshiko. Same as Riko and Mari. She was the one who helped Riko overcome her fear of dogs, even though she still acted how she did in the first season.
      4. Chika (+3). She became a lot more determined to save both the school and Love Live, although saving Uranohoshi failed, her dream to win Love Live came true. Quite the breath of fresh air.
      5. Ruby (+3). She had a lot of development this season. Her determination to make a song for her sister alongside Leah was really bittersweet and it was the cause of me starting to ship RubyLeah because of how they bonded over the course of the two episodes they were in Hakodate.
      6. Dia (+3). I didn't think too much of Dia during the first season, but after episode 4 she began to shine a little more towards me. She really wanted to get closer to the other members of Aqours and tried so hard to do so, initially succeeding. Her bonding with Ruby was really good as well.
      7. You (-3). Not a lot of character development for her. At least she began to accept Chika and Riko's relationship a bit more?
      8. Kanan (-2). Not too much dawned on me about Kanan during this season. At least she wasn't that cruel to Mari like she was in the first season.
      9. Hanamaru (-4). Very little character development. Basically all we saw of her was her either eating or teasing Yoshiko. God, the way she made herself look fat in episode 8 was terrifying.

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    • It has always been hard for me to make rankings, since I really, really love every single Aqours girl from the bottom of my heart. They're all super good, and if one is ranked as 9th, I don't hate her.

      Ranking before season 2 :
      1. Yoshiko
      2. Hanamaru
      3. Ruby
      4. Chika
      5. Mari
      6. You
      7. Kanan
      8. Dia
      9. Riko

      Ranking after season 2 :

      1. Yoshiko (-) Best girl still best girl.
      2. Riko (+8). Now THAT'S a drastic change. I got what I wanted from Riko, a character development. Obviously that wasn't the biggest character development of all times but it was just enough for Riko to make me go "aww", and appreciate her a lot more. Loved her interactions with Yoshiko!!
      3. Chika (+1). Chika is a very touching little fluffy ball of hope and brightness, shining more than ever, i love my mikan
      4. Hanamaru (-2). Well, I don't like her less. I just happen to like Riko and Chika more now! Still, I love Hanamaru a lot and she's an adorable girl. As a YohaMaru shipper I got very satisfied with all the YohaMaru moments.
      5. Ruby (-2) Same as Hanamaru! I still love Ruby very dearly. I'm glad she grew during this season.
      6. Kanan (+1). I don't remember at which point I started to like Kanan more (maybe during the third year bonding moments), but she grew over me during this season.
      7. Mari (-2). Well... This season was a bit disappointing for Mari to me. She made the plot advance but other than that, no real big interaction except with the third years.
      8. Dia (-). I'm happy that she got an episode! I really liked her more after this episode but wow the other members still called her Dia-san in next episodes so it's like nothing happened. Seriously.
      9. You (-3). You literally did NOTHING during the whole season. She's the greatest plant I've ever seen in an anime. That's not because she got her episode in season 1 that she deserves that. Really disappointed. I'm sad she is ranked that low on my list now. I really like You and that's a shame.