Pinned [Challenge Festival] Round 5 - Rin & Nozomi - 1/11-1/22

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      I got Trouble Busters once again after that, only got 10 greats, yet scored barely over 1M lol (like 4k above it).
      And didn't even get past 1M on Glass no Hanazono (~980k). Smile wins as usual.

      edit : I like drops like this :D
      Double ticket \o/

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      (EN server) T2 (or T1) streak : 81 in a row (as of January 05), still going on.
      (JP server) T2 (or T1) streak : 45 in a row (as of January 15), still going on too.
      # of Medfes without best medley (all servers included) : Finally got it on the 5th event :D

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