[Token] Doing Your Best Is Wonderful - Kotori & Maki - 1/26-2/6

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    • I just leveled up to rank 255 and emptied my LP bar and burn tokens. I'm already at 3721 exp point x)

      For now I've SSS Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare, Genki Zenkai Day Day Day, Binetsu kara Mystery and Cheer Day Cheer Girl!
      By the end of the event, I should SSS Cheer Day Cheer Girl RANDOM, After School Navigators and Todokanai Hoshi da to Shitemo.

      I didn't spend any love gem yet. Just dunno how T1 will go. As a bloodbath, this event is (too?) calm (well, I'm currently 974th with 131k pts). The cutoff predictor seems to me pretty low. Where are these people who want burn all their love gems in order to grow up a lot?
      Or maybe Monday/Tuesday will be hell with players like @Phil with thousands of tokens to spend in a row? :umi2:
    • This is probably my best chance to hit that magic 125 energy.. but it's so tiring. I'll play over and over again, and just when I think I can't do it anymore, I rank up and have to play another 6 times. It's a great opportunity, but you really need the stamina. People who are predicting the 5x scoreline haven't factored in that you need 5x the stamina and time to achieve that! :)
    • Summary of the event : Gained 14 ranks (341 => 355), 69 loveca, countless N seals, FP, G, Skill up cards (didn't keep track actually lol).
      Nice :D
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      Kotoko はやっぱり私の一番すきな歌手!
      (EN server) T2 (or T1) streak : 87 in a row (as of April 11), still going on.
      (JP server) T2 (or T1) streak : 50 in a row (as of March 31), still going on too.