The Aqours update thread!

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    • GoldieRaisuDesu wrote:

      NyanyeWest wrote:

      GoldieRaisuDesu wrote:

      The only thing that bothers me is that I can't imagine Ruby wearing this type of outfit.
      I can't imagine Dia letting Ruby wear an outfit like this... :dia1:
      OMFG, true. Would Dia wear it though?
      She would. It suits her :you5:

      These are so much better than Chikanan goddddd

      Neptunia is Love, Neptunia is Live

      Ranko <3
    • Finaly! I can actualy rate Aqours singing without being confused who is who. I'll do it right now when i'm listening to girls, okay?

      Chika - Cute, but imho too high and kinda too nasal. During some higher notes her voice realy is unpleasant, imho. But it is still cute, and works okay with lower notes. We need less genki/lower pitched Chika right fucking now. 4,5/10

      Riko - Cute, clear, very bright. Something like Rin, but a bit lower and with a bit less energy. But that's fine, very fine. 8,5/10

      Kanan - T-this is good. There's something uneven and unclear in her voice, but instead of being annoying screeching and ruining this song it adds a lot of honesty and simple cuteness to it. Still, i think that she will be better in more calm and climatic songs, just like Chika. 8,5/10

      Dia - Good lord i was not expecting that her voice will be so sweet and light. But it also feels strangely strong and powerful for this kind of song. 7,5/10 ? I like what i hear but it's a far cry from my imaginery of Dia. ?/10

      You - Chika 2.0 with a kinda metalic and robotic aftertaste? Little clearer and much less nasal, tho. 5,5/10

      YoshikoYohane - Actualy not, this is more Yoshiko. It's more of her girlish side than her deep, full voice. I like her in Guilty Kiss, here she's just fine. 6/10 for Yoshiko 9/10 for Yohane. Plz don't put 69 jokes here.

      Hanamaru - ... 10/10 FUKKEN NAILED IT. Her voice is... is... well trained, powerful, clear, it feels that it's her natural voice and she does not need to stretch her vocal cords. Also, 3:16 - ZUUUUUUUUURAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      Mari - There's a lot of pleasant Mariness in this voice. It is kinda characteristic and adds to her voice. I can close my eyes and clearly see this smug, breast-touching mofo. :mari4: 7/10

      Ruby - I was expecting something more cute and more painful, but there's... that thing in her voice, i can't name it. It feels like Chika and You done right. There's still moments where her voice is breaking on higher notes, but it's less obvious and not that painful. Also her lower voice is beautiful. This is Aqours' Honoka. 8/10

      So yeah...

      - Shoot down Chika and probably You. Imho they are dragging this group down quality-wise, especialy that both are main girls along with Riko.

      - More Yohane, less Yoshiko

      - Train hard Ruby, Dia, Kanan, Riko and give them more climatic songs.

      - Let Mari be Mari, i can't see her in better role.

      - Make Hanamaru a leading voice. She's the hidden powerhouse of Aqours. Her potential is wasted as a background.

      Now we will wait for proper solo/duet songs written specialy for girls. This is what i need.
    • Alright, I listened to all of those and this is what I think:

      :chika3: : Cute. I think she had worse solos and I loved the emotions that were put into her part. Honestly speaking, I think her seiyu is good at adding some emotions to the song. I´m not a huge fan of Chika´s singing voice since it often sounds quite strained but her voice fits this song very well!

      :riko3: : It´s good. Riko has a great and calming voice but her squeaking annoys me very often. It wasn´t that noticeable here, so I think I could listen to this song more than once without flipping my table. Actually, I´m very pleased and surprised how this solo turned out. She should sing like this more often.

      :kanan4: : OH MY GOD! Kanan sounds fantastic here! It´s actually my second favourite from all the solos. Her voice doesn´t sound as strained as usual, it has such a soft and dreamy touch. I fell in love with her singing after good 10 seconds. We need more of this Kanan.

      :dia5: : I´m not exactly sure how to feel about this one. It´s not bad, I guess. Sometimes, I feel like I can hear her smile (this sounds weird, I know) and it really suits the song but the majority of the time, it just sounds like Dia and it somehow feels a little about of place. Don´t get me wrong, her voice is good and so is her singing but I think this type of song doesn´t really suit her. The boo-boo desuwa part though (idk how to type this, don´t hate me)

      :you2: : Sorry but doesn´t sound this good. It sounds strained and edited. You-chan could´ve sounded better. I´m a little disappointed here. But I admit I´m not a huge fan of You´s singing voice in general. Better luck next time, You!

      :yoshiko5: : It´s okay. I expected more, to be honest. I think Yohane´s seiyu is an amazing singer and I understand that they changed from the "Yohane-voice" to the "Yoshiko-voice" to make it feel better but it feels a little forced to me. It´s good but it could´ve been better.

      :hanamaru5: : Holy! Maru sounds amazing! I´m not just saying this because she´s my best girl. I knew Maru´s seiyu is awesome but I didn´t expect THIS. It´s my favourite solo from all of those because I think that Maru´s voice fits perfectly. No weird squeaking, no strained voice. Not too cute, not too mature. It´s just prefect. Need more of this Maru.

      :mari3: : Well, it´s Mari. While Mari isn´t necessarily my favourite voice when she´s in "Shiny-Mari-American" mode, I think she sounds great in here. Overall nice to listen to but I wouldn´t want to listen to it all day.

      :ruby4: : I´m surprised. She sounds very cute and adorable in here but it´s not forced. This definitely is one of my favourite Ruby solos, we need more of this cute but not crybaby-like Ruby voice. Another solo that managed to surprise and impress me. I´d rank this as my 3rd favourite solo from all Landing Action Yeah! solos.

      Long story short:

      Lots of surprises (Ruby, Kanan, Chika, Riko and Maru)
      A little bit of disappointment (You, Yohane)
      And the usual opinion (Dia, Mari)

    • First; I think this song wasn't the best to start showing off their voices, since they kinda all sound very similar.
      Chika :chika1: : She sounds kinda a lot like You at some parts haha. I love Anchan's voice, she works great with songs like this too as it seems. So much emotion. Still, it's sometimes a bit annoying in a way I can't explain welp. 6/10
      Riko :riko3: : As much as I like Rikyako's voice, slowly that high sound she does at the end of as good as every line is starting to get on my nerves haha. She sounds pretty plain here otherwise too imo. 5/10
      Kanan :kanan4: : Hmm, she sounds fine I guess. Not as forced as in Happy Party Train, so that's a good thing. But I still can't get myself to really enjoy her voice. 5/10
      Dia :dia4: : Surprisingly a well fit for her. She sounds great~ I cant really say much to this tbh lol, 7/10.
      You :you5: : God, You's voice is so difficult for me. I like the voice itself, and she sometimes hits really great notes which I LOVE, but then again the way she tends to sound nasal makes it a bit unpleasant to listen to. However. This song makes her sound really good imo. Because she sounds amazing in the chorus I'm gonna give her a 8/10, because damn, it sounds so good and is really pleasant to listen to.
      Yoshiko :yoshiko5: : Well, not much to say there, sounds great as expected. Can't wait for YohaMaru mixes~ Due to it being a bit higher pitched and this song making them sound really similar it sounds a bit plain too sadly. 8/10
      Hanamaru :hanamaru5: : KING SLAY ME. Best voice girl continues to deliver. God, she's so good. However, I kinda don't like how she does the long sounds in the chorus (it's on purpose I know, but e.g. You does it better), so it's still just a 9/10 for me orz
      Mari :mari4: : I like Mari's a lot, and she does some really cool stuff here with longer notes. I can't describe it, but I think you know what I mean. She also sometimes sounds like You lol. As I said, they all kinda sound like each other here imo. 8/10
      Ruby :ruby4: : AIAIIIIII PLEASE DO THIS MORE OFTEN AAA this is so good??? She doesn't do her childish endings, she sounds so good!! I'm so stunned haha- 9/10 (did I just give Ruby a better rating than Yoshiko lmao)

      I love this song, but yeah, it isn't the best to show off their voices. Can't wait for more future solos.
      -Kanan is sadly still really weak compared to all other girls for me
      -Riko needs to step up her game if she wants to stay in my top 3 voices because Mari is drawing close, and Chika and You too at this rate (it just isn't her type of song I guess)
      -Ruby needs to sing like this more often
      -more Yohane voice pls
      -Mari voice control 12/10
      -Maru defends place as best voice but equals Ruby in rating which is weird
      -Dia is kinda just there lol but I still love her
      - You needs more powerful songs like this

      Aqours vocals are sooo much better than Muse in the big picture since all of them sound amazing, but on the other hand muse wouldnt have had the problem of some girls sounding almost exactly the same haha.

    • ok im doing the thing

      :chika3: : sounds good imo but like most people I prefer her low voice like that second chorus part of Yozora MMMMM yeah thats the stuff. But shes still one of my fave voices. the genki is with her in this song <8/10>

      :riko2: : its fine just very average and boring. i definitely prefer more unique voices, hers is kinda just like... a singing voice. a good and smooth one, of course but nothing where im like WHOA i love how she sang that and thats generally what im looking for. u catch my drift? <6/10>

      :kanan5: : shes my fave obviously so maybe im biased but i like her nasally voice. you have to admit she sounds pretty good here compared to some other songs tho LOL shes not always on it... the chorus seems a little strained tho. <7/10>

      :dia5: : a bit like rikos but with a lot more cute uniqueness and feeling i think. you can really hear the emotion in the way she pronounces stuff so sharply. <7/10>

      :you2: : you has one of my fave voices and she did well here too. the vibrating tone of her voice is so unique and great. she sings her ta yo and wakaranai with FEELING sista <8/10>

      :yoshiko5: : from the first line of this song i already liked it. Yoshiko has one of the best voices tho imo even if her low Yohane voice is much preferred for me. she also sings with such feeling i can kind of hear her dancing along and doing that idol pointing-around move. lols <9/10>

      :hanamaru2: : YES. thats it. just YYYEEEES. also best Aqours voice just by skill alone. MUCH SKILL VERY KING. Ugh. theres so much effortless power here im dead sorry for disliking ur character maru ur singing is <10/10>

      :mari3: : actually i was distracted by fried rice while listening to this and ended up hearing the whole song without hearing it at all. lol. OK JUST LISTENED TO IT AGAIN AND DID THE SAME THING. THIRD TRY. kay i love Mari's voice it has that similar thing to You's that I enjoy. I also like how she goes soft sometimes during the more emotional points. She excels at feeling her way through a song also her YAAAAAAY at the center lol <8/10>

      :ruby4: : generally i hate rubys (sorru ruby i love u) voice it sounds like my foot buuuuut when its not warring with everyone elses mature voice i think it sounds fine. basically ruby alone sounds better than ruby with a group. also its a lot less forced-hanayo-cutesy than usual. i like how she enunciates things here as well like dia. <7/10>

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