SIF Scouts Thread!

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    • Well, From the loyalty stuff, I got 5 Summon Tickets and used 'em, couple SR Chika's, with one being a Dupe so I could Idolize it and the other her newest Pure SR.

      But, From the Blue Coupon's, I ended up doing a SR/UR pull, expecting just an SR.....

      WOO 2ND UR DIA!, Had a UR seal so with some work I now have her Idolized, at level 100, and on her way to being Max Bonded, 2 Down 1 to go, why can't my EN account get a UR already?!, lol, Also, Another UR pair, Sweet.

      Best. Episode. Yet. WHERE'S MAH SELF CONTROL?!.
    • One 10+1, some Scouting Tickets and the Summer Memories SR+ tickets.

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      Okay so first we got this µ's special or whatever scouting and I of course couldn't resist spending 30 LG.

      Not bad at all! I really like that Nozomi SR and since I already had that SSR Rin I could idolize her and I feed the other one to her as well so I got a SS sticker!

      I had been saving my Scouting Tickets from goals, log-in bonuses and the current Medley Festival for the new Eli SSR so I used them and tried to get her. I had total of four tickets...

      ...and the first ticket gave me this beautiful Nozomi SR! Unfortunately, the rest of the tickets just gave me Rs but this made me happy either way.

      Then I went and bought both of the Summer Memories packs and I got total of four SR+ tickets, two for µ's and two for Aqours.

      I got only SRs but I was still satisfied with my pulls! I have wanted that Hanayo SR for a while because it has the cutest sound effect if activated during a song. I also really like that Animal You, so I was super happy to get her as well! I already had that Riko but I was able to idolize her and she's super pretty idolized! Baseball set really isn't one of my favourites but I have probably one card from that set so more is always welcomed! I like having many cards from different sets and of many different characters even though they are not my favourites.

      Next I'm going to scout when Eli's birthday box comes around and after that it will probably be Tennis Hanayo. Next Aqours set I'm going to scout will be first half of the Wonderland set if I don't cave in and scout for Summer set Yoshiko.
    • So... nice surprise Klab, I hate u
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      WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE SUCH BLESS two best girls in one pull and yOHAnE AHH
      I am so happy guys oh my god best girl finally loves me aarvejdbekdbdk

      I'm so torn should I pull more for the SRs or should I seal idolize Yoshiko oh my god I'm not sure she's super adorable idolized and unidolized (probably gonna do it anyway sobs)

    • Heh, thanks, pirtelo! I always try to stay positive with anything I can get, unless it is a single SR pull and I already have that SR idolized... but if I remeber correctly that has never happened to me though and since it was more likely during the old pull rates, let's just hope I won't ever face that situation.

      Summer Yoshiko, WTF Klab? But I caved in and did one 10+1 one. And one earlier BT scout as well!

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      Okay so I managed to collect 5 blue coupons and decided to use them right away and on µ's' side. I got this beautiful Nozomi SR I used to have in my late JP accout! I really like this set and I actually don't have that many Nozomi cards so more of them is good. Actually, I have been getting quite many Nozomi cards lately. In JP I used to get her all the time, so maybe she finally decided to visit me more often on EN as well.

      Then the new set came out. I had been thinking of scouting this half and after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to do one 10+1. And I decided to do it on Friday the 13th because I thought it would be perfect day to scout for new Yoshiko UR : D

      Unfortunately, bad luck day decided to affect my account and I only got one SR pull D: I actually first thought that card was a Yoshiko SR! I don't know how I managed to see so wrong : D When I went to look it in my member space, I only then realized it was actually Dia! Oh well, I actually like Time Travel set and that SR is super cute so it wasn't that bad. Though I'm now a bit worried do I have enough LG to pull Wonderland You, especially if that set actually comes out next... but we'll see!

      Next I'm going to scout for Eli's and Rin's birthday boxes. I'm also planning to scout for both Tennis Hanayo and Wonderland You but since Klab decided to switch their release order around, I don't know which set will come out next so I don't know if I manage to collect enough gems to scout for everything I want. Even though I always buy starter packs, I'm otherwise F2P so idk : P But maybe next birthday girls will give me something nice! Like my 5th Rin UR or something :'D
    • So, I decided to do a BT scout for the heck of it, since I don't have enough for a Multi and I'd rather wait to do a multi until a new Dia comes out, me being weird as usual....

      AND I PULL A FREAKING UR, AN ADORABLE ONE TOO, Jeez, First the UR Dia a few days back, the 5-Star/SSR Musashi and 4-Star/SR Tomoe in Fate/GO this morning, now this, my luck gauge must've refilled and likely has plummeted to 0 after all this.....

      And my Pure Team slowly grows stronger and stronger, I only need 3 More SSR/UR's before it's full of SSR's/UR's, LOL.....

      EDIT: To avoid making another post soon after this one, bought that cheap little pack on the JP end for Aqours....


      Best. Episode. Yet. WHERE'S MAH SELF CONTROL?!.

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    • I bought the 40m players pack..
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      I already have this SSR on skill level 3 so...yay? Nay, when are they finally gonna take the initial cards out of the pool lmao

      I was hoping to get some more SRs from this set but appearently not lol. Seal~

      Initial cards are following me...

      So yeahh, 32€ wasted, my old luck has returned but I'm not gonna complain this game treated me well... only thing I'm really unlucky with I'd SSRs and SRs from honor scouting orz

    • Me: I want to save for Pana birthday
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      lol, nope. Today, Honoka Pool v2 is featured.

      me: Okay, I'll burn all my gems for her for the n time (I should be near to 2000 Love gems since the first appearance)

      Here we go o/
      1st 10+1:
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      Oh god! Pajama Kotori! I'm so happy you come home since I missed you in your birthday.
      This Pana will be my partner forever when she'll be idolized <3
      Sometime there are cards I didn't know at all. This Honoka is very cute. I hope she'll bring me a beautiful weather every day =)

      2nd 10+1:
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      Just give me back my love gems... I see here only 10 seals and 1 S seal x)

      Oh yeah, I got 5 BTs o/
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      I'm a little bit confused.
      This Honoka is very cute. With this appealing look, I can't help but want help her to do her math homework. She'll be my parter until Pana get idolized.
      But I have a lot to farm if I want include her in my team (total inefficiency to idolized her with seals instead of scorer SSRs)