SIF Scouts Thread!

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    • No pics cause my phone won't let me, but I scouted 3 times for Eli's birthday (she's also one of the last girls I don't have a UR of besides Hanayo and Nico...).
      2 SSRs, both initial duh but good boost to my cool team.
      5 SRs, Circus, Victorian, Mermaid, Constellation and Animal (the Zebra one). 2nd copy each of the latter two so I could idolize them.
      Not a bad pull, but would've at least liked a copy of the new SSR :honoka3:
      I hope this works better with Rin's birthday. Her flower SSR is gorgeous :honoka2:
      Goal to triple Rin UR: Smile (√) Pure (√) Cool (√) SUCCESS!
      Gems saved up for Pirate Rin: 600
      BTs saved up for Pirate Rin: 100
      Result: NO RIN.
    • Eli's birthday and Halloween packs

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      Okay so technically this isn't a scout, but I'm just so happy I could finally get this Kotori UR from the Sticker Shop. I didn't play SIF when this was featured as a log-in bonus, but I'm glad that Klab gives us chances to get these older, pretty promo cards if we weren't able to get them first time. I have ordered scale figure which is made to this art so this was a must-get. Now I just need to wait for that figure to release.

      Eli really isn't my best girl or anything, but she has many pretty cards and I got a good haul with my 10+1 from her birthday box! I could idolize her initial SSR and I had that Valentine's Eli SR in my very first SIF game so I'm happy to have her again. I will probably idolize cheerleader Eli and then remove her since I really don't like how she is drawn in the card, but the legendary nun Eli can definitely stay!

      I usually buy starter packs and Halloween was no exception. I already had that Yukata You so I could idolize her and she's super pretty idolized! I was also happy to see this Nico SR since I don't really have that many Nico cards and I do like the set she's from. I would love to get more SSRs and chances are better with these tickets but they just don't want to grant me any : P Maybe some day...

      Next I'm going to scout for Rin's birthday and I really want to scout for Tennis Hanayo but since we can't really know which Aqours set Klab will release next I just have to wait and see. I want to scout Wonderland You so I might have to skip Hanayo if they come too close to each other.
    • I was lazy to upload and post before so here we go.

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      When the UR Yoshiko was still up I really wanted someone from this beautiful set, so I used all my 8 GT.

      I LOVE Mari, she's my 3rd best girl and I love the idolized verion of this SSR I did it <3

      ...and I killed the event card Dia (adventure stroll) to idolized this beautiful Riko~

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      When the second half of this set came out on eng, I really wanted to try for Chika bcuz that card is soooo damn beautiful. So I did 4 solo-yolos. Look who came back! I was like 'I just now killed you Dia! Welcome back!". I couldn't stop laughing!

      Then next day(?) I got the GT from the login bonus and tried it again! LOOK WHO IS HERE hi

      oh god, i swear this card is gonna haunt me on my Aqours scouts I can already feel it

      She's so gorgeous <3

    • Five scouts, no Rin URs :yoshiko4:
      Although, I managed to get 2 copies of her initial SSR. I also pulled her Idol Costume and Cyber cards. It wasn't included, but I did another 10+1 pull and got another Animal v.2 Rin. Kinda disappointed I didn't get anything for my Pure team because it's really weak atm :you5:

      Also, I scouted Little Devil Maki a couple of days ago. And initial SSR Honk through a BT scout, I'll probably idolize it because the the idolized art looks so much better imo. And it's a scorer too, that's neat.
      Flickr / (Banner's mine)

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    • Another set, Another UR Dia, another failed attempt...

      So I get 3 of the 5, Another copy of Ruby and Hanamaru to Idolize, and Blue Ticket gets me another circus Dia to Idolize the one I had already, yet I can't care, I wanted that UR SO BAD, And goddammit Riko MY PURE TEAM IS ALMOST FULL OF SSR'S AND UR'S ALREADY, Give the other two teams a shot will ya?!.

      Best. Episode. Yet. WHERE'S MAH SELF CONTROL?!.
    • Rin's birthday and some tickets

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      Rin has so many good cards I like so I was hoping to get something good...

      ...but, nope : P I already have that SSR idolized so I only got a SS sticker out of this. What a bummer, I was really looking forward to at least one cute SR but not this time. Too bad her Bouquet SSR isn't out yet!

      I also had some scouting tickets and I decided to try my luck with them before I scouted for Rin.

      I had three and got this on the second ticket so I decided to save the last one. I really wanted this Dia so yay! Her expression is so funny. I now have every Pure Dia SRs released in EN so far. Neat!

      I also had blue coupons and decided to use them on Aqours' side.

      This Hanamaru SR has now come home twice from blue tickets so I was able to idolize her. This was one of the Aqours SRs I had idolized on my late JP so I'm happy to have her again on EN.

      Next I'm just waiting for whatever they're going to release next. Tennis Hanayo at least and Wonderland You as well.
    • UM.

      i have a new ritual now. whenever i scout, i shall say "give me hope, or give me bagels."

      i was actually hoping to get a maki r just to post "HeY mY BOiS, I GOt THE nEW MaKi ur!"

      BUT NOPE.

      literally, i was like, "give me hope, or give me bagels" when my screen loaded, and then ur envelope popped up (gasp) and then maki (SCREECH)

      also henlo, cool cursed person right here.
    • Okay so Klab decided to pull some step-up scouting boxes from somewhere so I decided to give it a go... because it was a good chance to get cards from sets I really like, such as Zodiac and Seven Lucky Gods. Oh and also SSR tickets and Blue Coupon Scout as well.

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      What an idiot I was for NOT NOTICING that these boxes for some reason include INITIAL SR CARDS. So super great, one SR, Initial Kotori I have idolized and sold ages ago. So I got nothing but stickers from this scout. Only good thing was that this took only 30 LG, not 50.

      Then I bought new starter packs and used my SSR tickets right away.

      I was really hoping to get some new cards since I don't have many SSRs. But the game decided to disappoint me again with two SSRs I already had : P That Rin is my 4th copy of that card and I also already had that Mari but I could at least idolize her.

      Even though I had got super bad results with my first step-up pull, I decided to do one from the last box since one of my favourite sets was up and I don't have a single card from it. That is, Seven Lucky Gods. That was actually the first set I scouted for in this game but the cards seem to avoid me.

      But of course the game decided to disappoint me AGAIN by granting me this spectacular Initial SR Honoka and nothing else. I sold her with all those Rs so I again got NOTHING but stickers from this scout.

      But I managed to get this Fantasy Job SR You I really like with Blue Coupons so after so many horrible scouts I was at least little happy.

      I also bought this Las Vegas Nozomi from the Sticker Shop and now I have all the promo URs you can get that way. Please Nozomi, bring me at least little luck to my next scouts!

      So next I'm FINALLY going to scout for Tennis Hanayo and probably after that, Wonderland You. It also seems they're going to release some new starter packs or whatever so I might buy them as well.