SIF Scouts Thread!

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      My latest scouts. Mostly... everything and anything.

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      Because I really like µ's' New Year set, I decided to give it one more go. Which didn't go as planned, only one Initial SSR but at least I could idolize her.

      Blue Coupons gave me Constellation Honoka! I really like this set so I idolized her with stickers later on. She's gorgeous idolized!

      Hanayo's birthday. She's my 3rd best girl and gave me two new SRs. Her Valentines V2 is one of my favourite Hanayo SRs so I was satisfied! I kind of wanted to do a second pull since I don't have that many Hanayo cards but I decided not to do that.

      I had gems but no real plan what to scout next so when I noticed 2nd year Cool Honoka box had featured cards I really liked I decided to scout. 5 SRs is a brilliant scout but I wasn't left with much really... I had already idolized Magician Umi with stickers, I didn't want to keep Summer Honoka and I just idolized Initial Umi (I once had but sold her) with stickers, max bonded and levelled her up and sold her again : P So I was left with China Dress Honoka and cute event Kotori. I just realized that all of these cards are also somewhat old... and what's the deal anyway? 5 SRs but NONE of the featured cards! Well, at least the cards are cute, I got stickers and my Magician Umi got better. So... yay, sorta?

      Blue Coupons gave me yet another Pure Honoka SR. Christmas this time.

      I bought both mini packs and I was able to idolize an UR!! I have pulled this UR Honoka before so I could idolize her! Not the prettiest art but the card itself is a good scorer so yay. Also Mari SSR! One of the better initials, at least in my opinion.

      I got this Chika SR I already had with Green Tickets so I was able to idolize her! She's cool idolized, one of the best cards from this set in my opinion.

      Next... idk?? I might buy one of the 15 LG packs they have available now but I'm not sure. I'm also going to do at least one pull from Autumn Dia but I don't know what after that. At least one pull when every girl has her birthday and then maybe waiting for Crayon Maki and new New Year Chika, I guess. Those are URs I would really like to have so maybe I'll start saving up for them - unless I succumb to some special boxes like AZALEA's or something.