[My experience] HMM x Love Live! Select Shop: μ’sic Forever

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    • [My experience] HMM x Love Live! Select Shop: μ’sic Forever

      A week before I left Tokyo, I went to visit the HMM x Love Live! Select Shop: μ’sic Forever shop in Harajuku.

      It's a pop-up store opened by the anime fashion brand Hybrid Mind Market (HMM) and it's located in the basement level of the Laforet mall. Since it's temporary, it'll only be around until April 2. According to this article, "The store’s current incarnation is based on the dual themes of cherry blossoms and Otonokizaka Academy, the fictional high school from the anime series."

      Display Spoiler

      One of the first things you see when you enter the store. A beautiful wall-sized poster!

      Still at the entrance of the store.

      Merchandise display case.

      Headphones for each girl. They were pretty expensive, but anything for your favorite member, right?

      Plushie keychains for the Love Live! μ's x SNOW MIKU 2016 collaboration.

      Lots and lots of stickers!

      Tons of different kinds of merch. Mini figurines, t-shirts, trading cards, charms, etc.

      More charms. The ones in the middle are soft and squishy!

      Umbrella charms! Yup, they even have charms to decorate your umbrella with.

      School Idol Diaries.

      Of course, the MOMENT RING single was being sold here too!

      Cute standees for photo ops! I love how they included part of the school's front gate on the left.

      A blackboard where you can doodle and leave messages. They take a polaroid of it at the end of every day and display it before erasing the board so that the messages don't disappear entirely. I almost laughed out loud at the Nozomi drawing on the bottom left.

      An LL-themed sticker label machine. Each set you print costs 300 yen.

      The MOMENT RING single I bought, as well as the sticker labels I made for myself with my name on it. I've already stuck one onto my iPad :nozomi3:

      Three Laforet stores will be participating in the event, meaning special food and drink sets based on the “Love Live!” idol groups Printemps, Lily White, and BiBi will be available and each store will also offer their own exclusive bromides along with your order.

      This is my order from one of the stores called "And The Friet". Their fries are really yummy! This set, which includes a pink (mayonnaise) dip and drink, costs around 1,000+ yen. With my order, I got a Printemps bromide!
      疑心暗鬼 | 私、スクールアイドルをやらせても一流ですのね

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