Aqours rankings before & after the anime

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    • Aqours rankings before & after the anime

      With just over two weeks until the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime begins, I thought it would be interesting if we could see everyone's member rankings before they watch the first episode of the anime. & then after the final episode of the anime has aired, we will post our rankings and see how things have changed. I think it will be interesting to see as I believe the anime is the thing most likely to change people's opinions on the girls. I'll start ...

      1) Hanamaru. She has been my favourite since around October when Kimi no Kokoro released. Her voice & self-depreciating nature made her an easy pick for best girl based on their initial character introductions. However, I also like her enthusiasm and playful nature displayed in the audio dramas. & she's had some really cute art in Dengeki G's Magazine. Plus her singing voice is my favourite in the LL! franchise.
      2) Dia. I wasn't initially a big fan of Dia. I typically like the more cute members of the group than the cool ones but Dia has won me over. I love her voice & I find her strict adherence to the rules endearing. I know a lot of people want her to soften up & become just another nice member of the group but I personally hope she stays the way she is as I think it works well in the audio dramas.
      3) Kanan. I'm not really sure what it is about Kanan but I just feel drawn to her. She has a very cool and easygoing attitude and just seems like a good friend. With all the craziness of the other members, I find her to be a somewhat refreshing dose of normality.
      4) Chika. I initially dismissed Chika as a Honoka clone but I think she has proven me wrong. I love her puns & long explanations of them. I really like her character design. & her enthusiasm & love for Muse makes me want to root for her.
      5) Yoshiko/Yohane. I really like the idea of a chuuni idol & her character design is really nice (she has a nose!!). I love her voice in Strawberry Trapper and find her really funny. I'm looking forward to learning more about her.
      6) Mari. I really like Mari's voice when she talks. It just makes me feel happy. Ainya does a great job. I also like her carefree attitude and her habit of dropping in random English words.
      7) Ruby. She was my initial favourite when we just had a picture of the girls on the beach but has sadly taken a tumble. I was wary of certain parts of her character and am hoping they wont be too prominent in the anime. However, she has started to win me over again in the audio dramas so I hope the anime will continue to improve my opinion of her.
      8} You. I like her voice & enthusiasm. I don't really have that much to say about her though.
      9) Riko. It's not that I dislike Riko, it's just that compared to the other characters I don't really feel anything towards her. I'm hoping the anime can get rid of this feeling of indifference. Her character design is nice.

      I'm interested to see what will change.
    • My top right now is:
      1. You: She wasn't my best girl at first, but after some chats in the Discord channel, I completely fell in love with her o7. I really love her character design (the first time I saw her, I liked her but never paid too much attention, but then I looked more at her, and well she's beautiful), also I love her singing voice.
      2. Dia: She went up so much in my list after character intros and Aquarium, her design is amazing and stunning, also her voice is really good. Really looking forward knowing more of her (her beauty mark tho).
      3. Mari: Her voice is cute and her design is beautiful, also I have a thing for blonde characters. I'm looking forward her, also I adore her random english.
      4. Yohane: I really like her personality, and her voice, it actually surprised me tho! Not my fave but someone to consider at least.
      5. Kanan: Cute design, I feel like she's gonna be the mom of the group, just like Nozomi, and even if she's not the same as her I get the Nozo vibes in her.
      6. Chika: Please don't hate this sunshine, I really like her and I'm sad seeing that the leader uses to be the hated one.
      7. Hanamaru: Amazing voice and cute character design, but still not very fond on her.
      8. Riko: I'm not very fond in her, she looks beautiful but well, I'm not very interested right now.
      9. Ruby: Not that I hate her, but she doesn't look very interesting right now.

      Well, now I have to see the anime to see if something changes.

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    • Right now for me it's like this....

      1. Dia. First of all, I think she looks AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and her artwork is also really nice in Dengeki G's Magazine. Secondly, she has a great singing voice. And thirdly, I like how she has a strong personality and I think she's kinda like Umi and Eli in the group, because she's probably the one who keeps everything under control.

      2. Hanamaru. She's absolutely adorable and has an amazing voice as well! Plus her personality seems really sweet.

      3. Kanan. Again, I think she looks really pretty and I really like her personality as well. (It's getting kinda hard to explain)

      4. You. She seems like a good friend and I also like her singing voice! She was my least favourite at first, but after AQUARIUM was released, I started to like her a lot better.

      5. Mari. Her Engrish is hilarious and she seems like an interesting character!

      6. Chika. I like how she seems like a cheerful leader like Honoka, but unlike Honk, Chika seems to be a bit less lazy, so that's good!

      7. Riko. She also has a VERY good singing voice and she's very pretty! I've got a feeling her personality is kinda similar to mine, too.

      8. Yohane. I'm not a big fan of chuuni characters, but Yohane's kinda cool actually. It's just I like the others a bit better.

      9. Ruby. I don't really like her personality, but after seeing how sad she was in the PV I've started to like her a bit better now because I just sometimes feel sorry for characters easily. Right now she's the last on my list, nevertheless I'm looking forward to seeing the anime to get to know her better.

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    • My opinions right now (Sorry if there are any mistakes or if it's hard to read... English is not my first language :/ :(

      1. Hanamaru. At first i didn't really notice her at all because of her simple looks but after I listened to all the introductions she instantly became my best girl. I love her voice SO much and I was really surprised since her voice was deeper then I thought it would be. Her smile is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen!! She is so down to earth but still cheerful and funny! She just makes me happy and that's why she's my best girl right now!! <3

      2. Ruby. I guess I really have a thing for the cute type of girls. Seriously though... I don't really understand all the "hate" towards her! She's so cute and awkward and I adore her voice. And I seem to be the only one who actually likes Rubys voice in Genki Zenkai Day Day Day... I understand why many people think it sounds weird and cringy but I just think it sounds super cute!! I just wanna hug and protect her from all the haters!

      3. Kanan. I can't really say what I like about her tbh... Somehow she just seems like such a nice person to be around. But something that I can say is that I love her voice a lot! Especially in the Aquarium PV! Looking forward to seeing more of her in the anime!

      4. You. I really love her enthusiasm and her cheerful nature!! At first I really noticed her because of her hair XD That seems like a weird thing but I'm a sucker for girls with short hair and I really love her hair color!

      5. Yohane. At first she really reminded me of Nico and since Nico is my least favorite Muse girl I kinda ignored her at first. But then my friend told me that she's her best girl right now. After that I started to take notice of her and I started to like her more and more. Her deep voice in the Anime PV was really nice and I kinda hope she talkes more like that in the Anime!!

      6. Riko. I love her elegant nature and I think she fits really well into Guilty Kiss! I think it's really cute that she's a bit shy and I think I'll have a better opinion of her when the anime starts!

      7. Chika. Right now she just really seems like a Honoka clone... I don't really wanna say that because it annoys me when people compare Muse characters to Aqours characters but that's all she is to me right now. I hope they make her more unique in the anime so that she doesn't seem like another typical main character.

      8. Mari. I don't really like Mari but I don't dislike her either... I'm just indifferent to her right now. Her really high voice annoys me sometimes...

      9. Dia. I have to say that Dia is indeed very beautiful but I just can't get over her personality at the moment. She seems so obnoxious and annoying to me... I also don't like how she's talking about and to Ruby. Like... come on!! Ruby doesn't deserve such criticism! Instead of saying mean things about her Dia could try to encourage her more... It pains me to say that I don't like Dia at the moment because I really wanna love all the girls... I hope that the anime makes me love her a bit more!

      I'm so excited to see how the anime will change my opinion on all the characters!! :rin2:
    • 1. Dia/Riko/Yohane/Kanan - I have a feeling I will like their personalities, and their character designs are amashing <3

      5. Hanamaru/Mari - Cuties <3

      7. Ruby/You/Chika - I view Ruby as a crybaby and Chika seems very similar to Honoka. The one I probably like most out of the three is You. The main reason she is in my bottom three is because I know the least from her out of all the Aquors characters.

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    • My opinion on each girl as of now:
      The two main things that make me like or dislike a character is personality (mostly if it's interesting or if it fits my bias), and interactions with the other characters in a series. Since the anime hasn't aired yet, I can't do that much judging based on the latter, so I'll focus more on the former plus first impressions.
      1. Yohane: She is the most interesting character to me so far. Chunnibyou is that one character type that can be completely outrageous, yet it's really refreshing to see it when we're more used to the more stereotypical types. Just from personality alone, she interactions with the other characters are going to be awesome. I also have high hopes for her to have an interesting backstory.
      2. Dia: It's surprising to think she was initially my second least favorite, mostly because whenever I saw the obnoxious "Aqours=μ's" comments, people were saying Dia is exactly like Maki. With more content out, I can now appreciate her much more. I love her design (I'm a sucker for Hime-cuts and the Black Hair/Light Colored Eyes combo) and she has an amazing voice. As for her personality, I actually like the more agressive personality she has, and it will be interesting how her character plays out in the anime.
      3. Hanamaru: She was actually the first one I dubbed "Best Girl" when I first heard about Aqours. I like her mellow personality, and her voice is a pleasant surprise.
      4. You: You didn't stand out much at first, but I slowly started liking her. She seems very likeable and cute.
      5. Mari: I don't really have much to say about her personality, but her antics and interactions with both the other Third Years and Guilty Kiss members are hilarious.
      6. Kanan: She seems like she'll be the Mom-friend and peace-keeper, so there isn't really anything bad going for her character; I'm only afraid she'll get ignored too often. I also like that her interests are things based on the setting of the series; it would be pointless to give a character Scuba Diving as an interest if we never get to see them do it because the live inland.
      7. Chika: I feel indifferent to Chika. Air-headed Genki girls normally aren't my type, but I don't have any reason to dislike her. I'm interested if the anime will help her character stand out, or unfortunately make her too similar to Honoka.
      8. Riko: Along with Chika, I feel pretty indifferent to her. Usually I do like shy characters, but for some reason Riko just didn't catch my interest. I'm excited to see more interactions between her and the other Guilty Kiss members, since I liked the drama section on their single.
      9. Ruby: My dislike for Ruby is mainly because a lot of the content we've gotten so far only portrays her excessive crybaby side of her personality. For me, there's a difference between really shy characters that may be scared at times and characters that can only seem to cry and exist as some sort of fanservice; sadly Ruby came off as the latter. Hopefully the anime will explore deeper into her character and I may find more appreciation for her.

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      1. Mari. Sweet little cinnamon roll. I love her taste in music, her style, her voice... she's just perfect and it will probably be super interesting with all her "WHAT?!"s and other random english words. :D
      2. Riko. I never thought I'd love her so much. Her voice is incredible and she is gorgeous. Such a cutie pie. ♥
      3. Kanan. I don't exactly know why I like her but she seemed interesting to me. Her voice is, as well as Mari's and Riko's, so wonderful. I hope I can see more of her in the Anime.
      4. Hanamaru. OH GOD HER VOICE AGAIN. Something else than you expect but I love it so freaking much. (probably next to Kanan my favourite voice!!)
      5. Ruby. Cinnamon roll of doom. Well, she's the exact middle of my ranking. I have pretty much "no opinion". She's cute and her character is interesting but she's totally not my type.
      6. Chika. Well, she's probably that high because of Anchan. I'm not a big fan of her although she's pretty cute.
      7. You. She's okay... but the about her hype is kind of... annoying.
      8. Yoshiko. Same as You.
      9. Dia. I just don't like her overall. Maybe I'm a bit salty that she has similarities to Eli. But from looks and character wise she won't belong to my top favs.
    • 1. Ruby - I love her. I know that she will stand tall in the anime. I'm excited to see her character development. Also, she's the cutest thing ever.

      2. Mari - If asked two months ago she would've been in #9. An idol who loves industrial music? Yes. Her design has been growing on me and I love her voice.

      3. Yoshiko - She seems like someone I would take a shot with.

      4. Kanan - She's cute and has a good voice.

      5. Dia - I like her but she reminds me too much of Eli.

      6. Chika - I want to like her a lot since I like her design but so far she is too similar to Honoka.

      7. You - She seems kind of overrated tbh.. Too much hype. She's cute though.

      8. Riko - I feel like she hasn't gotten enough attention so I can't really judge her.

      9. Hanamaru - I always forget about her. I'm sorry ;-;
    • I haven't done too much Aqours research tbqh, but this is what I got so far

      1. Riko - omg she's so cute, that idolized SR though was ehh
      2. Hanamaru - omg she's pretty cute too, nice voice
      3. Mari/Kanan - Kanan was initially third, apparently she's more mature than I pictured. Mari's grown on me, idk
      5. Yohane - I think the chuuni angle is pretty interesting, especially for an idol
      6. Ruby - Seems pretty 1D, but she's kinda cute
      7. Chika - I agree with the Honoka comparisons. But honks climbed the ranks for me, and Chika grew on me a little after the Token event, so there's hope for her
      8. Dia - She does seem like Eli, and I wasn't the biggest fan of her design at first, but like Eli, she can only go upwards
      9. You - I thought You was the leader at first, but otherwise, she hasn't really stood out to me
    • Interesting idea! My rankings have changed a lot even just since Aqours were first announced up to now, so I can only imagine how much they'll change after we see them in fully animated action.

      Just based on reading bios and seeing initial character designs, rankings I think were roughly this to start (with my initial thoughts in parentheses):

      1. Dia (favourite design, most promising personality/interests/motivation)
      2. Yoshiko/Yohane (2nd fave design, chuunibyou = fun)
      3. Riko (super pretty, ties to Otonokizaka are interesting)
      4. Mari (pretty, into rock music, NozoEli combo?)
      5. Hanamaru (reminiscent of Pana, potential to be kind of boring but sweet, not a fan of the "zura" thing)
      6. You (she likes swimming I guess? she's cute)
      7. Chika (Honoka 2.0? will give her a chance tho)
      8. Kanan (pretty but literally nothing interesting about her personality)
      9. Ruby (all the moé cliches including a stupid first-person speech impediment no thanks bleckh :P)

      Having heard the dramas, watched the music videos, seen more art, read more magazine content, read the first manga chapter, watched the seiyuu talk about their characters, and seen the anime PV, my current rankings and thoughts are this:
      1. Dia (still favourite design; Arisha's lisp is adorable and her singing voice is raw but beautiful; continues to have potential for a great character arc; her ridiculous perfectionism and especially her struggles to follow other people's logic really speak to me; her straight-man routine with Mari is the best; her scenes with Maru in the dramas and the magazine content are the absolute sweetest and show how she can lighten up and have fun; and her bit in the PV showed off some RAW GODDMAN POWER, holy shit)
      2. Hanamaru (even sweeter than expected and also can be silly & fun, but in a way that's different from Pana; again, love her stuff with Dia so much; King's voice is incredible, both VA-wise and singing-wise; design may be plain but also has an elegance I've grown to appreciate; the "zura" thing really isn't an issue at all in practice)
      3. Yoshiko/Yohane (still 2nd favourite design; absolutely ridiculous dorkface and the source of some of the most fun Aqours moments overall; knees melt at her deep voice~)
      4. Mari (POSSIBLY THE MOST RIDICULOUS ONE OF ALL AND I LOVE IT. "OH~ MISS TAKE~!"; voice is very distinctive and one of the easiest to pick out in the whole group, works really well with GK)
      5. Kanan (lots more potential in her relationships with the other girls has come to light; still super pretty; makes for a great calming force of balance to contrast with the louder members, esp. her fellow third-years)
      6. Riko (other than her transfer student status, hasn't done much else of interest so far; sings well with GK, love how she's portrayed in relation to the other GK members; like Kanan, she's still super pretty)
      7. Ruby (schtick is a lot less annoying than I thought it would be; not always a great singer, but when given good parts can sing them well; cute design; her seiyuu has the potential to make you want to cry when she cries, which is impressive)
      8. You (I don't dislike her, but despite featuring in AQUARIUM, still feel like I don't know enough about her to latch onto her; doesn't even stand out much within CYaRon, drama-wise or song-wise)
      9. Chika (still waiting for her to prove she's not Honoka 2.0. In fact she may be Honoka 2.0 BUT WORSE. And this is coming from someone who likes Honoka. :/ Please impress me in the anime, Chika. I want to like you, babe. Do something interesting, or at least not annoying. Please.)

      So yeah! As you can see, things have already changed a bit for me over the last year+. Will be very interested to come back to these lists after the first season is over and see how much more change there is! ^o^

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    • I start mine, this is hard because i really like all of them and i have passed somewhat rank-change things. But there is always the best, i wonder how the anime will change my opinion.
      1. Riko, since very first of Sunshine image teaser my eyes won't stop to see this girl. Her design is my favourite also her singing voice is fresh and cute yet mature, even now there isn't much improvement about her personality (hope the anime will describe her as not only a plain simple girl). But, you know "simple is the best".
      2. Hanamaru, her singing voice is somewhat attracting me, so unique.
      3. Dia, i kinda hard to decide my favourite back then between her and Riko.
      4. Kanan, i never expecting she will be higher in my rank, because at very first i really dislike her. By looking at her eli-nozomi like design back then i'm so disappointed. But time to time she impress me with her calm and big-sis aura. Also her singing voice is one of my fav now.
      5. Chika, somehow i didn't find her as Honoka 2.0, she is a cute yet funny girl and more reminds me of Yui from K-ON. Anchan singing voice in Yozora also a plus for her.
      6. Yoshiko, she is chuuni and there's a lot chuuni idol outside. I like her deep voice but she has to impress me more maybe!?.
      7. Mari, no much opinion about her, she has a good singing voice also her bilingual.
      8. You, didn't know much about her, seems she a good girl. I like her energetic-vibe.
      9. Ruby, she turns to my last because of many reason. At first image teaser she looks interesting but now i know all about her is her timidness and crybaby.
    • Nice to see Ruby does have some fans out there.

      @ErynCerise I liked seeing the change in your rankings from initial perceptions until now! I'm always surprised when people say "how can you have opinions/favourites in Aqours when there's no anime?" because there is so much content available if you look for it. At this point I feel it is pretty easy to get a feel for the characters. & their dynamics/relationships are also being developed with the audio dramas.
    • 1. Dia - I just find her really appealing so far. Her voice is great, and I really like about how under her ice queen outer layers, she's actually really cute. (ex: if you set her as your main on EN, one of her quotes is her being happy about getting a pudding snack in her lunch) I also really like her smile;;

      2. You - I love her character design.. She seems like a bit of a tomboy too, and that's a huge plus in my book. And one of her talents is forecasting the weather, and as someone who wants to major in atmospheric science/meteorology, that alone puts her really high on my list haha

      3. Riko - Not much to her character yet, but she stands out to me for some reason. Probably my favorite character design in all of Aqours

      4. Kanan - Similarly to Riko, I can't quite put my finger on why I like her, but I really do! I'm just worried she (and Riko) won't get much character development

      5. Hanamaru - Tied with Mari; for whatever reason, I actually don't mind her speaking quirk. Rin's was a bit bothersome imo, but "-zura" really grew on me after the Azalea drama. Her singing voice is really nice, but it sometimes doesn't sound fitting for her character design.

      5. Mari - Unlike Hanamaru, I don't particularly like her voice. I don't dislike it, but it's definitely middle tier for me. I like her character design and hobbies a lot though

      7. Yoshiko - Seems dorky and likable, also her singing voice is amazing, but chuuni's tend to annoy me, and her chuuni side has bugged me quite a bit so far, and Aqours is just getting started

      8. Ruby - She could be really interesting since Dia seems to overestimate how weak/helpless she is, and seeing her grow and get more confident could be a great arc, but I don't like the defining characteristics at the moment, and her voice doesn't really do it for me either

      8. Chika - Another tie; Chika's very bland so far. Honoka grew on me over time, so maybe she will too, but Chika will need to differentiate herself from Honoka for that to happen.

    • Initially, when the Sunshine project had just started, my rankings were something like this:

      1. Riko: A lot of people had started comparing Aqours to Muse, and many were comparing Riko to Umi. Because I thought that she was going to be Umi 2.0, she immediately became my favourite.

      2. Yohane: She seemed super unique compared to any Love Live! characters we've seen before, which made her really like her.

      3. Ruby: Shy girl. I like shy girls.

      4. Mari: Amazing design, and she seemed like she'd be super fun.

      5. Kanan: to be honest I just loved her design. :hanayo5:

      6. Dia: People kept saying she's be Maki 2.0; a tsundere, which made her quite low on my list.

      7. Hanamaru: She's cute, but that's it.

      8. You: Not a big fan of her design, and she just seemed a little bland to me.

      9. Chika: Honoka 2.0. Nothing to see here.

      Now, however, it's changed quite a lot:

      1. Dia: Amazing voice, and she's so funny, and such a dork. Turns out she's not the tsundere everyone expected her to be; she's actually the opposite.

      2. Chika: SHE'S SO CUTE AND UNDERAPPRECIATED OMG Her puns and her long explanations of them are just so cute and funny. Anchan is a GODDESS.

      3. Mari/Yohane/Hanamaru: Mari and Yohane have amazing voices, and both make me laugh. They make quite a duo. Maru also has a majestic voice, and the dramas made me like her more.

      6. Riko/Kanan: They're super pretty, but seem a little... plain? I love their maturity, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

      8. You: She's cute but... I just can't find anything about her that'll make me like her a lot.

      9. Ruby: I feel so bad because her sister is my favourite atm. I just find her shyness unbearable, and I'm not a fan of the fact that she's a crybaby.
    • 1. you: great personality, design, voice, 07, and colors. everything i would look for in an ideal anime girl tbh

      2. yohane: similar to nico, great singing voice (very deep i like it <3 ) and her bun is too freaking cute

      3. riko/dia: i love them equally because i really like both of their hairstyles, and dia's especially goes really well with her eyes i feel like. i like dia's personality but i like riko's design slightly better so they're both on the same level for me.

      4. hanamaru: she has a sweet voice that i actualy did not expect at all and looks so pure but still seems a bit plain to me

      5. kanan/mari: they both remind me of eli. mari mainly because she is foreign and is blonde, kanan because of her mature personality and she looks like the leader type. not that i don't like those i just find them kind of boring

      6. chika: at least she has more personality than ruby, but yeah basically a honoka 2.0 and she wasn't one of my favorites from the beginning. her hair is okay but what are those bangs LOL

      7. ruby: not digging her character design and her personality is very bland and she does not look anything like her sister (except for her eyes)
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    • Pre-Anime Rankings:

      1. Kanaan - Many people have described how they're drawn to Kanaan's refreshing, mature vibe, and I'm the same. She seems so reliable, so caring <3 She's also beautiful, and I love ponytails, dark blue, and scuba diving so she's perfect :!: Reminds me of Lily Satou from Katawa Shoujo, my favorite.
      2. Ruby - I wish Ruby was the protagonist. Protagonists who have to try to overcome their own hesitation and shyness, like Deku from MHA, are much more appealing to me than protags who brush past every villian's psychological plays like some always genki, always motivated brick wall of cheerfulness (ex. Hinata from Haikyu, Naruto, Honoka LOL) She is good and pure :umi3:
      3. Chika - This may seem ironic after #2, but I love Chika ~~~ I want to pick oranges with her, and then peel them for her, under a kotatsu! I want her to achieve her dreams!
      4. Dia - In this sea of sweet, Dia's sour could make her more refreshing than Kanaan! Since the anime details the formation of Aqours, Dia's going to have a big role as the opposition/eventual rival to Chika (imo) and I LOVE her hair.
      5. Hanamaru - Her appeal really doesn't come out until you see her in action. I love her subtle quirks, and her relationship with Dia. I also think it's interesting to have a sedate-appearing chara be the one with the verbal tick.
      6. You - She looks so dependable, I want her to be my best friend! I sincerely hope she succeeds in her dreams to take over her family's ferry business.
      7. Riko - She was the most appealing to me at first glance, but I hope we get to see more sides of her in the anime. When I put her as my main, she talks about how bland she is so much I have to try not to believe her.. Her voice is very elegant, though
      8. Yohane - This chara will probably be more entertaing in the anime than in the game/MV's. Her chuuni schtick will probably be very funny, I'm sure. Or at least I hope. I love her deep voice though.
      9. Mari - If Dia's sour, Mari's spicy. As with Yohane, Mari feels more like a comedian doing standup than a real person, even if I like the idea of Italian American Japanese heiress to a hotel chain whose very free spirited.
    • I don't have ranking yet.

      At first I liked You, but when I heard her voice in one PV she dropped immediately. ("EHHHH!? TAIHEN! TAIHEN!")

      Then I liked Dia, again, for the design, and her voice was ok too, but it looks like she's gonna be Eli v2, and I don't like Eli much.

      I know I won't like MC here. Sorry don't know her name yet. She has red eyes and ginger (orange?) hair. This combinations IMO just look terrible. She seems like genki type, I hope she will be more like Rin and less like Honk. But still, Rin had 11/10 voice and she doesn't so I don't see bright future for her.

      American girl (Mari, I suppose?) and Chuuni (Yohane?) have some potential. Looking forward to them. And the girl with red-ish hair and golden eyes (Sakura?), she reminded me of Umi, currently my top 2, so I have my expectations for her. (Design and voice are already pretty so she's on good way.)

      Ruby seemed meh for me, but not for any particular reason. I dunno. And I don't even remember rest of the girl, so there you go.

      I like to get to know girl through actions they take, direct characteristic is just no fun for me. So basically I'm waiting for anime to air. I will read material we had up until this time when I'll feel like girls are interesting enough.

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    • 1. Yohane: when I heard strawberry trapper, I was blown away.

      2. Hanamaru: I love her voice, it's so new and unique!

      3. Mari: I have a feeling she's goin to turn out like Nozomi.

      4. Dia: first off, she's beautiful and when I watched the PV, she was like Eri.

      5. Riko: I like deep-high voices.

      6. You: I saw the koi no aquarium Amv and she was main, she pretty and kinda like me!

      7. Kanan: at first, she was my fav but now... Ehh, I'm not so sure.

      8. Ruby: I love the fact that she's Dia's sister and Maru's best friend.

      9. Chika: uhhh, I don't know how I feel about her...

      Chibi sprites by @ShinyLyni
    • Before dramas etc Chika and Riko were my favourites and Dia and Ruby my least favorites.

      Now with a little more material I'd say Dia is my number one :D I like characters who have a mature feel. Riko got pushed aside when she ended up not being like that, she reminded me of Umi but not that much anymore. I also really like Yohane, her deep voice is gorgeous and she seems like a fun character. Chika is still up there too, but I don't feel that strongly about her.

      I like Kanan as well, but tbh most of it has to do with her gorgeous looks. And Mari seems like a fun character and her high voice is actually pretty good.

      My least faves have become Ruby, Hanamaru and You. Ruby seems too much of a crybaby for me, I don't like her design that much, and sorry to say, but she seems like a lolibait with her personality, fear of men and looks combined all together :\ I do look forward to seeing some Kurosawa sister action and it's cool that she makes the dresses for them, and I hope she will get some character development and become braver. Hanamaru seems too bland for me, but gotta admit that her singing voice is great. SInce I don't like Ruby I don't like how Hanamaru is that attached to her. You doesn't have anything special that would appeal to me either, just.. meh. I kinda like the captain thing though.

      With little material:
      Faves: Chika, Riko
      Least faves: Dia, Ruby + I used to not like the chuuni thing Yohane had :'D

      After more material:
      Faves: Dia, Yohane, Chika
      Middle: Kanan, Mari, Riko
      Least faves: Ruby, Hanamaru, You