Mochi Jungkook is my bias!!!!!!

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About Me
About Me
Hello! I'm Mochi!
It's nice to meet you!

My best girls are Hanayo and You. I am a HUGE fan of BTS and I like kpop! I

I enjoy drawing and listening to music. If you want to see my art, you can pm me! ^^

I have been with OTK since OTK 1.0! (RIP OTK V1! YOU WILL BE MISSED)

By the way, my bias is Jungkook. I'm sure you can tell from my User Title xD

If you want to chat with me, I practically live on OTK, so feel free to hit me up! :D
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Jan 11th 2000 (17)
The BTS Trash Can that's in Idol Hell
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