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About Me
About Me
Hello, there! Welcome to my profile!
You can call me Nagi, or anything you want.

I started LLSIF a few years ago and it wasn't until 2017 that I started playing seriously. I am glad I did though. I wouldn't have met all the amazing people in this fandom if I didn't <3.

My best girl is Umi, and I ship her with Nico, my second favorite girl. The third years are my favorite!~

Feel free to send me a friend request but please tell me who you are so I don't accidentally delete since I get a lot of requests.

Important Goals: ~ 1K+ love gems
~ Get full event SR teams

Milestones and Achievements: ~ FCed my first EX, Baby Maybe
~ More to come

P.S. If you ship UmiNico then I am certain we will get along well~

~ Nagi
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Jul 26th
United States
Love Live!