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About Me
About Me

Hi! Welcome to my profile~.

You can call me Kanade, but I would prefer for you to call me Kana, since, I am more used to it.

My best girls are Nozomi and Kotori. Best Aqours girl is You ( Yousoro)! And for the new group thing, Karin is my best girl!~

I play on both JP and EN, but I currently don't have a EN account. Also, feel free to add me on my JP! My spots are always open~.

My OTPs have to be NozoKoto and NozoMaki. KotoMaki is also up there because Maki is so gay for Kotori!!!
I don't have a Aqours OTP yet but I am really fond of RikoRuby, YohaRiko, and KanaYou so there's that!
I don't ship any mainstream ship because they are all boring and stereotypical to me, but I will respect your opinion on them!

Kana | She/Her pronouns please~ | u'sic forever~

Other places to find me:

Twitter | School Idol Tomodachi | Smule

Smule: KanaCake ( Please sing with me, yousoro!~)
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May 26th 2004 (13)
Stuck in Idol Hell
Love Live!
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