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About Me
About Me
Hi! I'm Magician and I love Watanabe You.
1. I can get pretty awkward. I try not to be, but I make bad decisions just like the next person.
2. I have diagnosed ADD
3. I'm a lesbian, agender, and I go by she/her or they/them pronouns
3. I'm an artist, a fanfic author (when I want to focus, read: 2.)
4. I love rarepairs and the shipping thing in general. My OTPs are ChikaYou, YohaMaru, KanaRiko, and DiaMari.
6. I don't like KanaMari, YohaRiko, or DiaMaru. I'm neutral on RubyMaru. I'm not even mentioning DiaRuby.

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Mar 12th 2004 (13)
the aquarium
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