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About Me
About Me
You know, I'd ask you "why are you here," but I already know your response...

Memes aside, let me TL;DR myself...
  • I've been in this cage (I'm not coming out, and I'm not doing just fine) ever since November 18, 2016. Oh hey, what a coincidence...
  • Best girl is Riko. I will respect your opinion about your best girl as long as you don't say anything like "Riko is worst girl" or something like that.
  • I talk way too much. If you find me on Discord, good luck. There's a reason I managed to become #11 (at the time) in less than two weeks
  • I'm a relationship counselor. If you pay me enough OTG, I'll tell you the story about how I became one.
  • I'm greedy for OTG, as seen by my earlier statement. Hey, I gotta get all of the Riko's somehow.
  • Oh, by the way, I'm learning "Careless Whisper" on the piano, just in case someone needs me to romanticize the mood on a date. I'm a great 3rd wheel.
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Nov 18th 2001 (16)
Your local strip club
Love Live!
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