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About Me
About Me
im love live trash and , Cancer in genral.
My Account is : SnarkyChan ( Rank 139 at the time of this typeing)

My llsif Id is : 437136559 ( i call it my fc sometimes sorry not sorry)

Best girls in order : Nozomi/Mari , Nico/ wooby

  • Favourite muse songs : baby maybe, mogyutto, ruteshi , angelic angel
fav sub unit songs ( 1 for each unit) : kimi no kuse , Silent tonight, nightgale love song

top 3 aqours songs : Natsu no owari , happy party train , step! Zero to one

10 UR / 1 SSR / 44 SR / 19 to idolize

Favorite sets : valentines ,Fall , Ice cream, cooking v1, cheerleader, birthstone, cyber (both aqours and muse)

Favorite event lines : rock/punk idols, cake set , soldier
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