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About Me
About Me
my name is luca, i've been playing llsif for about two years. i'm a pisces and an infp, and i have a significant other named alistaire.
my best girl has changed around a lot; its only been within the past year that i've developed such a love for honkers... she's so beautiful please help me
i dont really identify as any gender and i wish i could just change my body at will so just use they/he pronouns i guess??
i have a twitter and an instagram

my favorite u's girls:
HONOKA!!, eli, umi

my favorite aqours girls:
KANAN!!, mari, you

my favorite im@s girls:
KIRARI!!, nao, anastasia, RANKO, minami, anzu, kaede, idk i love so many of them

my other interests:
nagito komaeda, hajime hinata, jojo's bizarre adventure, hunter x hunter, dangan ronpa, osomatsu, game grumps, roosterteeth, cosplay, undertale, animal crossing, fashion, makeup, dance

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Feb 29th 2000 (18)
New Hampshire, USA
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