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About Me
About Me
Hello! I'm Irena, nice to meet you!

I love Yousoro so much
I love Eri so sooo much
I can't find my soul. I think I sold it to the devil *cough KLab

Best girl lists:
1. Eri (I've loved her from the start till the end ;)
2. Hanayo (used to be 5th but she bloomed into a beautiful blossom in my heart.)
3. Kotori (I love my smol burd)
4. Honoka (I love her determination)
5. Nozomi (Eri and Nozo make a great OTP)
6. Umi (like me kind of :)
7. Maki (I'm not feelin that much love... Sorry :( )
8. Nico (she lied because she didn't want to upset her family :( )
9. Rin ( :( )

1. Yousoro
2. Riko
3. Maru
4. Mari
5. Dia
6. Yohane
7. Ruby
8. Kanan
9. Chika

Nothing much to say... Sorry :( more info bout me at my intro thread :D
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Jul 13th 1999 (18)
Durango, Mexico