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About Me
`Hello everyone! I've been playing LLSIF since September 15 2015 (Not sure, but definitely between Kotori's birthday and my birthday). I main play at the EN Server but I also have a JP account, But that's for my solo yolo so I can control myself with my Love Gems on EN. I also saw the LLSIF back then. It was 2012 that time and was the JP server. When I got to play the EN version I was shocked with the changes it had ever since.

Yes I'm somewhat inactive I can't find time lol. (Sorry for being inactive!)

But I'll try my best to use my time to hangout here. Since the site might be gone at May 2 I'll do my best to be active!

I also play Bandori and also Sound Voltex.

Feel free to ask anything on my wall.

P.S. My English is not that great even if its my first language. Because the country I live in uses English as a second language.
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